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In Jesus, your past cannot destroy you & your future cannot derail you. #EnjoyYouDay

Faith is Word-based. The Word is different to ‘evidence’. We stand over evidence, the Word is over us.

God’s love isn’t a warm fuzzy, it’s a blood sacrifice made 4u in all yr wickedness. So BE a sinner loved by Christ & #enjoyyourday

“O the Great God! O the Perfect Child! The Son in the Father & the Father in the Son… God the Word who became man for our sakes” Clement

CHS: “Affliction is the black chariot of Christ, in which he rideth to his children.”

Your Father warned you there’d be days like this. He also promised a Future Glory that far outweighs every ounce of suffering #EnjoyYouDay

Street preacher arrested yesterday under section 5 of public order act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4ZjwYfGXzVo …. Video of whole incident to follow

An Israelite – a.k.a. a member of God’s people – is one who has fought with God and lost. Gen 32

Apparently the microbes shall inherit the earth http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23135934 … I cannot fathom how I’d live if I believed in such a future

Anger is always righteous. It’s just that 9 times out of ten it’s self-righteous.

Anger erupts violently out of our deep commitments to self-justification. Just ask Cain, Saul, Jonah, the Elder Brother

Not long now. (Rev22:20) #EnjoyYourDay

“Who do you think you are?” is a Q we love 2 ask ourselves. But if some1 asks U the Q it’s usually cos ur completely out of place #revealing

As mentioned yday, street preacher @TonyMiano arrested in Wimbledon on Mon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2vu9CI5Ij4 … Police arrive 25:37, arrested 38:11

Every tear wiped away. Death, mourning, crying & pain abolished. All creation renewed. Jesus face to face. #ComingSoon #Rev21 #EnjoyYourDay

Someone just helped me figure out what #indirecting is. You know who you are

#selfie #indirect some Twitter fads don’t mix well [PICTURE]

Or… #ff awesome tweeters. You know who you are #indirect

Who should you #ff? Here’s who #selfie #mixingmyhashtags #theresacontext #movealong [PICTURE]

#hashtagpuns #shelfie [PICTURE]

#replacepunwithhashtag #

Christ is Pictured, Present and Promised in OT. Eg Gen 22: Pictured in Isaac, Present as the Angel, Promised as the Seed.

Today a woman told me “I must get your wife’s book for my granddaughter, she too struggles with dyslexia.” #runsinthefamily

In Christ you have peace, in the world you have trouble, but take heart: Christ has overcome the world. (Jn16:33) #EnjoyYourDay

Off to talk about the sufferings of Job at the Grand Hotel, Brighton. #incongruous

The LORD is compassionate&gracious, slow 2 anger, abounding in love… His love is from everlasting 2 everlasting. #Ps103 #EnjoyYourDay

In all yr suffering, know the LORD Jesus wooing u from the jaws of distress to a spacious place of freedom&feasting. Job36:16 #EnjoyYourDay

If Jesus’ cross was worth it ‘for the joy set before him’, how much more will our little crosses be worth it. #futuresbright #EnjoyYourDay

Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. #MaybeToday #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelist, Tony (Taming the Tiger) Anthony’s fraudulent ministry: http://shipoffools.com/features/2013/shaming_the_tiger.html …

Seems there’s 2 sides to Dostoyevsky’s truth: Without God everything’s either permissible or wearyingly moralistic:


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twitter-iconJesus isn’t the vital piece of the puzzle. He’s the picture.

Nothing’s intractable. Nothing’s a lost cause. Jesus said “My Father is at work to this day, and I too am working.” Jn5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

Perhaps the clamour for ‘equality’ is really a yearning for something much richer: ‘harmony’

Christ crucified is the supreme icon of the Trinity #LifePouredOut

What holds the world together? Money? Power? The strong/weak nuclear force? No, the God-Man thru Peace-Making-Sacrifice #Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

Ephesians 4 comes before Ephesians 5. Couples belong to the church by baptism before they belong to each other in marriage.

You are completely unnecessary but entirely loved. #EnjoyYourDay

Sometimes you feel His name in your heart. But this is your bedrock hope: Your name on His heart. Exodus 28:29: http://bit.ly/11xbDvJ 

In Jesus, God is not on your back. He’s at your side (Ps 16:8) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus: Adam 2.0 #Irenaeus4Today

You better believe grace gives you licence. Licence to live the good life. #setfree

The diff b/w law&grace is not the diff b/w a strict&lenient teacher. It’s the diff b/w sitting exams & being fully qualified to practise.

What was the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus. #theologyofsuffering

4those sitting final exams today someone will say’Pens down’ then the hols. 4 the Xian it’s ‘schools out 4ever’ Gal3:24 #EnjoyYourDay

We’re pretty terrible at the one thing we’re called to do in this age: WAIT. Ps27:14;130:6;Rom8:25; 1Co1:7;1Thes1:10;Heb9:28

When waiting we either dull (our hopes) or distract (ourselves). Eager expectation is something else

Our comfort in sorrow is either divine pity or self-pity. One is the essence of heaven, the other the character of hell.

Basking in the sun looks like a vain hope this summer. But Jesus promises something better: shining like it! (Matt 13:43) #EnjoyYourDay

The righteous cry out &the LORD hears; He delivers from all their troubles. The LORD’s close 2the brokenhearted &saves the crushed in spirit

God’s Glory is, foundationally, His display not His demand. #GodisGiver

Great documentary on Spurgeon (hour plus) – especially love the sermon excerpts they chose to use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iYWAaTQpqJs …

Yr suffering is achieving what yr safety never cd: maturity (Rom5) in fellowship w Father (Heb12), Son (Phil3) &Spirit (Rom8) #EnjoyYourDay

Interested in “high quality theology & the chance to study it”? With @mike_reeves ? Thought so: http://www.michaelreeves.co.uk/ 

“When the [OT] fathers wished 2 behold God they always turned their eyes 2 Christ. I mean not only that they beheld God in his eternal Word>

<but also they attended with their whole mind &the whole affection of their heart 2the promised manifestation of Christ” -Calvin on John1:18

OT saints “had and knew Christ as Mediator, through whom they were joined to God and were to share in His promises.” (Institutes II.10.2).

OT saints “knew God only by beholding Him in His Son… God’s never been manifested in any other way. His Son= His sole wisdom, light&truth>

< From this Fountain [Christ] Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, &others drank all that they had of heavenly teaching. (Institutes, IV.8.5)

“No worship has ever pleased God except that which looked 2 Christ..The hope of all the godly has ever reposed in Christ alone”(II.6.1..3)

If u know Jesus, u know the Creator, Sustainer & Reconciler of the cosmos. And He’s for u with every drop of His blood. Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

You should point to the whole man Jesus and say, ”That is God.” (Luther)

Note the link btw Phil1:10&11. We feel we lack discernment. More profoundly we lack love. Where love ‘abounds’ quandaries clarify

Baptism then Communion. One-off then On-going. You-into-Christ then Christ-into-you. Enter-covenant-union then Enjoy-covenant-union.

In all your affliction He shares (Isaiah 63:9). With all His affection He cares (John 15:9). #EnjoyYourDay

Jer33:15-21 If, this morning, the sun sinks back down into blackness then Christ’s love can fail you. Otherwise… #enjoyyourday

Just paid £6.20 to get into Wales. Might keep a receipt, in case I want a refund.

With the infinitesimal lengthening of days over time, this will be the longest the world has ever seen. #QuantumofSolstice

“Jesus didn’t come to change your life, He came to give you life.” Steve Levy

Every blessing that belongs to Christ is yours. Every curse that belongs to you is His. #EnjoyYourDay

We have no defence in life so He made no defence in death. Naked and ashamed we live, so naked and ashamed He died.

Vicarious redemption does not avoid of responsibility. It’s a summons to Christ- the one place where Man’s judgement is honestly faced

Does yr listlessness, lovelessness or laziness disqualify u? No “Blessed are the poor in spirit 4 the kingdom belongs 2 them.” #EnjoyYourDay

Preach to save the wicked and you’ll sanctify the saints. Preach to sanctify the saints and you’ll likely do neither.

No matter what u’ve been called in the past, u have a new name in Jesus: Hephzibah. It means “My delight is in her” (Is62:1-4) #EnjoyYourDay

“A tragedy is a story that begins in joy but ends in pain. A comedy is a story that begins in pain but ends in joy.” Dante >>

<< Which is why the gospel is a comedy and ‘The Life of Brian’ (while very funny) is a tragedy.

Parking attendant just gave me 2 hours free parking and barista just called me “Gorgeous”. Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Some emphasize Gethsemane’s ‘Abba’. Others: ‘thy will be done’. Proper emphasis is on Who is praying. 1st ‘Christ alone’. Then ‘us in Him’

<< Genuine both-ands come on the far side of radical either-ors

The Father bless u& keep u. May His Face (Jesus) shine upon u& be gracious 2u. May His Spirit turn His Face to u& give u peace #TrinitAaron

John11: Martha got truth, Mary got tears, Lazarus got triumph. Jesus knows how to meet your needs #EnjoyYourDay

God’s power + wisdom = a bleeding Sacrifice. Does that add up for you? Then you’re being saved. 1Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

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Our God is none other than the God of the Cross – the God who has pledged His own being for us with every drop of His blood. #EnjoyYourDay

You’re so much less worthy than you strive to seem. So much more loved than you’d ever scheme. #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus didn’t think it ‘too cheesy’ to turn a convo at a well into an offer of Living Waters. The rule of cool muzzles us (me!) too much

Faith is receiving God’s grace in Christ. But no-one can receive a potential promise or a conditional Christ. Grace is free or it aint grace

I’m pretty sure someone’s been pouring custard into my burial site. The plot thickens.

If we cannot deny that we are sinners, we cannot deny that Christ died for our sins. (Luther on Gal 2:20)

#itiswhatitis a mag ran. fonetik. versa vice.

#itiswhatitis malapropeller. palindromordnilap. ultra-hyperbole.

#itaintwhatitis monosyllabic. hyphenated. verb. luculent

UR not defined by yr sins, yr strengths, yr suffering or yr circumstances. UR defined by yr Spotless Saviour #EnjoyYourDay

Does your Christianity feel like a heavy load? Jesus is not a burden to pull. He carries you. #Matthew11 #EnjoyYourDay

“We tend to underestimate our listeners’ intelligence and overestimate their knowledge.” Jonathan Fletcher

“Fear not little flock yr Father’s well pleased 2give u the kingdom” Lk12. Who r u? Who’s God? What’s He like? What do u have? #EnjoyYourDay

Preacher, if you mention Trinity tomorrow, remember: It aint extraneous, it’s explaineous. #TrinitySunday #explaineous

The top 4 search terms to find my blog today all involve “Trinity”&”Sermon”. #DesperatePreachers #DesperateMeasures #TrinitySunday

He doesn’t number yr sins (2Cor5) He numbers the hairs on yr head (Matt10). What counts with God? Not yr failures, YOU. #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever else you get or don’t get in life: Christ is yours. “The LORD is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” Lam3:24 #EnjoyYourDay

Today is one episode. Whatever happens, the whole boxed set is a winner. #EnjoyYourDay

Eternal life is not just a quantity, it’s a quality. The life of eternity: Beloved, Spirit-filled fellowship. Ours now 1Jn5 #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism does not begin: “Ok here’s the deal…” It begins “Ok here’s the story…”

The Father gave Jesus to us. Jesus gave Himself for us. The Spirit gives Jesus in us. #EnjoyYourDay

“God’s infinitude belongs to us” – A.W. Tozer

In the bible, no-one is told off for short prayers. Occasionally for long-prayers. Often for no prayers. But never for brief prayers.

What’s the point of this week? This year? 2Cor3-4: Whatever the setback/suffering we ARE being transformed into Christ’s image #EnjoyYourDay

Often non-Xians think of belief as a leap in the dark. It’s probly our fault. We only offer Christ 2those who muster up a thing called faith

How have u become spiritually rich? Thru Christ’s plenty? No, thru His poverty- He was poured out for you. 2Cor8:9 #EnjoyYourDay

Alexander Whyte, when asked abt resigning a pastorate “Never think of giving up preaching! The angels around the throne envy yr great work.”

Spurgeon used Eutychus as an illustration of preaching- not so much abt keeping him awake but raising him from death http://bit.ly/16GdiYJ 

<< I wonder if we try to solve our modern problems in preaching by trying to keep Eutychus awake when really we need to raise him from death

RU in Christ? Yr sin is crucified forever, yr righteousness is raised eternally & UR ascended to God’s right hand. 2Cor5:17-21 #EnjoyYourDay

Christ is God’s war cry, devastating yr oppressors. (Ps29:1-10). Christ is yr victory song, giving strength&peace (v11) #EnjoyYourDay

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twitter-iconSore, Snake-bitten, Sullen? The Son of Man was lifted up for you. Look and live. John3:14f #EnjoyYourDay

Irenaeus: Christ is Founder of the universe, Maker of man, All in all: Patriarch among patriarchs; Law in laws; chief Priest among priests..

..Ruler among kings; the Prophet among prophets; the Angel among angels; the Man among men; son in the Father; God in God; King to all ages

Doing some door-knocking later today. Wondering whether these days JWs open with “Don’t worry Madam, we’re not evangelicals.”

#DoorToDoorSongs Knock, Knock Knockin on Heathens’ Door

Yr sins have been forgiven 4 Christ’s sake, u know the Father, u’ve overcome the evil1, ur strong&God’s Word lives in u 1John2 #EnjoyYourDay

Dont know the way forward? “Ask God who gives wisdom generously 2 all without finding fault & it will be given 2u” James1:6 #EnjoyYourDay

Christ is the Source and Substance of righteousness, not just the solution to unrighteousness.

One day you will rest from your labours (Rev 14:13). Till then you’re God’s gift to the world. #EnjoyYourDay

Only Christ-centredness is true God-centredness.

Complete this sentence: ‘Faith’ is spelt R-… Let’s finish it E-C-E-I-V-E

“That was the church I got saved into” he said. Nice preposition! Not just saved “in”, saved “into” #church

“U were washed, u were sanctified, u were justified, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by the Spirit of our God” 1Cor6:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Heard on Radio earlier: “The tragedy of life is that men love women, women love children and children love hamsters.” #gracerunsdownhill

Jesus is not merely your ransom, He’s your righteousness. You’re not merely tolerated by God, you’re treasured. #EnjoyYourDay

The enemy of your soul will soon be destroyed by the breath of Christ’s mouth and the splendour of His coming. 2Thes2 #EnjoyYourDay

A Member of the Human Race is a Member of the Trinity. And you’re a Member of Him! #EnjoyAscensionDay

4AscensionDay: Our Brother in strife assuming our life/ Humanity shouldered & sorrows enfolded/ Man’s evil combined thru furnace refined/…

…Then risen enthroned, bearing all He has owned. Our Friend in high places, our Fountain of graces. #Ascension #AscensionDay

Our last sighting of Jesus: As He ascended He was blessing His people. (Lk24:51). He hasn’t stopped since (Eph1:3). #EnjoyYourDay

I wish I could say “reLIGion” like Blackham, “kINDness” like Reeves and “inCREDible” like Levy.

Feel out of yr depth? Jesus says: “Let all the simple come 2 my house. Come eat & drink: u will live & walk in insight.” Prov9 #EnjoyYourDay

If a person truly discovered the body of Jesus, Christianity would be instantly *proven* (1Tim 3:15)

Evangelists: the Gospel is not for ‘other people’. First of all it’s for you.

“The doctrine of the Trinity doesn’t merely deify Christ, even more it Christianizes our concept of God.” Moltmann (abbreviated)

The Trinity according to 2Cor1:3: The Father, Compassion (made flesh) & Comfort (personified). This is our God #EnjoyYourDay

The great exchange of 2Cor5:21 is earthed in our own gospelling experience: “Death is at work in us, but life is at work in you” 2Cor4:12

‘Prob is not churches full of sinners. Jesus was crucified 4 that. Prob is: churches have decided they’re Not full of sinners’ @RevFisk

The difference between law & gospel is NOT the difference between stick & carrot! Both stick AND carrot are law…

..The gospel is not another motivational framework 4our works. (‘NOW we’re all about love&gratitude’). No the Law was about love&gratitude..

…The gospel lifts us out of stick/carrot motivations – out of our works entirely – and tells us of Christ’s work. #extranos

God’s YES resounds from heaven at Christ. His AMEN booms back on our behalf&the Spirit seals us into the circle of trust 2Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

There is no side-stepping the curse. There is only a Head-first engagement in Him who is crowned with thorns.

Your Father has the far horizon. You have only today (Matt 6:34) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus considered even *His* cross to be worth it for the glory to come (Heb12:3). Our little crosses are definitely worth it #EnjoyYourDay

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twitter-icon“Dear God, once again, I’m *really* sorry for that sin?” “What sin?” (Hebrews 10:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Passionless gospel preaching should be an impossibility. Should be.

Documentary on Isaac Newton says he spent his latter years as “a lonely old man”… Like his god then.

Coming to Jesus is not about taking on another burden. It’s about receiving the one yoke that fits well. (Matthew 11:28-30) #rest #easy

Isaiah 60: Now that the Light of the world has risen for you, YOU shine with radiant glory. #passiton #EnjoyYourDay

Poor? Brokenhearted? Mourning? Bound? Christ is good news, comfort, gladness, freedom, a robe of praise & righteousness #Is61 #EnjoyYourDay

We don’t have to come up with God, He comes out with Himself.

If u find yrself thinking: “I’ll sort this problem out myself” consider that “sorting things out yrself” might be yr Real Problem

What every Christian can pray: “You, Lord God, have looked on me as though I were The Most Exalted of men.” (1Chr17:17) #ClothedInChrist

We spend our lives trying to become wise, righteous, special, free. We have it all in Jesus: 1Cor1:30 #EnjoyYourDay

Christ says “I have surely seen yr affliction & have heard yr cry. I know yr sufferings & have come down to deliver u.” Ex3 #EnjoyYourDay

Since sacraments are visible words of divine promise it’s ridiculous to sideline them in the name of “faith alone.” >>

<< If you want faith – unleash the promises.

Faith cannot rest in a mechanism of salvation. Faith is receiving a Messiah who saves. Preachers: ensure you preach *Him*

Spring=just a taste of what’s coming: “the desert shall blossom abundantly & rejoice with joy & singing.” Is35 #EnjoyYourDay

The horror is, the law does not find fault with what Gosnell was doing, only where he was doing it: Doug Wilson Article … #Gosnell

“Sorry, snowed under” “I’m not a miracle worker” “I wish u hadn’t told me that”: Things u won’t hear from Jesus. #TalkToHim #EnjoyYourDay

Happy ‘Kill The Dragon Save The Girl’ Day. Google’s icon is a nice representation of St George (and the Bible!)

Just imagine it: the Father selecting a sacrificial Lamb “for your sake” – His precious, eternal, spotless Son. 1Peter1:17-20 #EnjoyYourDay

Someone just commented on Emma’s blog: “Is Glen Scrivener your dad? He sometimes preaches at our church.” Time to start jogging.

A life of faith, hope and love isn’t the price of salvation, it’s the prize: yours for free in Jesus (Col 1:3-6) #EnjoyYourDay

Slavery this side of sonship = death (older brother in field) Slavery the far side of sonship = real life (younger brother in father’s robe)

“I’ve died and gone to heaven” – words describing a euphoric experience. Words describing every Christian. Col3:3 #EnjoyYourDay

Preachers: tomorrow you are not simply transferring information. You are heralding the Word. #OfferChrist

Good news: Am about to preach in a pulpit used by Wesley. Bad news: He was subsequently chased out of church & nearly killed by the locals

Monday morning is Not ‘same old, same old’ – the old is gone, today is brand spanking new: Lam 3:23. #EnjoyYourDay

You can be a cool, detached know-it-all. Or you can be a preacher. Not both.

Preaching is not a performance but it is performative. It mustn’t be affected but it is effectual.

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dawkins_southparkYesterday, Richard Dawkins drew much criticism for the following tweet:

Andrew Brown of the Guardian tells of the fall-out.

Seems to me one response would be to point to this Dawkins tweet from last month:

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander I’d have thought.  The supernatural (for want of a better short-hand) might seem absurd to the naturalist, but, well, it would.  But you can’t do theology by common sense either – and certainly not naturalistic common sense!

Anyway, perhaps the best response is just to list some of Dawkins’ other clangers from the last few weeks and let them speak for themselves…

[now deleted] What kind of person throws chewing gum in the streets, where it sticks to shoes? What kind of person chews gum in the first place?

Greetings to all atheists. But please, not so many athiests, aethists or aetheists. Greek theos: god. Hence theist. Hence a-theist.

I re-tweet for a reason. I know not everybody likes it. They are free to unfollow.

Comparisons often made of Jesus with Horus, Dionysus, Krishna etc. Any real scholars out there confirm each one? pic.twitter.com/IuN1u7McNq

then, when called on such tired and lazy comparisons…

Was it seriously not obvious that I posted that set of other gods because I was SCEPTICAL of the alleged similarities to Jesus?

If you’re used to the obscurantist smokescreens of religion, the sudden shock of the unambiguously clear voice of reason can SEEM aggressive

Dear Americans, please understand that “grade” as in “7th grade” is not part of the English language. Please state the child’s AGE in years

People outside America truly don’t know what “7th grade” means. In Britain we’ve “Year 10” but don’t expect others to know what that means.

If you only care about communicating to Americans, “7th grade” is fine. But there’s this obscure little place called The Rest Of The World

I’m NOT arguing for British English. “Year 10” not part of the language either, which is why I wouldn’t use it in an international medium.

“Hit a home run” great metaphor, understood internationally. But “7th grade” conveys precision. Don’t you WANT to be understood outside US?

Struggling with London tube notice: delays because “customer” taken ill on train earlier in day. Sorry for sick passenger, but why DELAYS?

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Tweets I Tweeted Earlier

follow-jesusWithout trinity, creation demands response. With trinity, creation demonstrates initiative.

Without trinity, the 1st implication of creation = “our owing”. With trinity, the 1st implication of creation = “God’s flowing”.

Without trinity, creation means “God calls the tune”. With trinity, creation means “there’s Music to be shared”

Jesus is your Brother. He is not ashamed of you. Heb 2:11 #EnjoyYourDay

If ur in on Jesus, ur in on Everything. ‘The Father himself loves u b/c u’ve loved me & believe that I came from God.’ Jn16 #EnjoyYourDay

At an art gallery, fearing that my gospel explanations can be as impenitrible to the uninitiated as these explanatory panels. #LordSaveUs

“Individually objects have their own semiotic value but extended over a ‘field of research’ they become pts of connectivity.” #ArtGallerese

“She investigates the language of psychogeography and landscape exploring the mystery of narrative embedded in social ritual.” #ArtGallerese

“Implied absence & fragmentation is played with, charged against areas of patterning & layers of paint.” #ArtGallerese

As a teenager just said to me: ‘If your God starts to sound like Allah, your *Christian* theology has taken a wrong turning.”

How’s your relationship with God? As good as your Priest’s – Heb 5:1-9 #EnjoyYourDay

Thru wilderness trials the Father promises: “My Presence (Christ!) will go with you and I will give you rest.” Ex33 #EnjoyYourDay

‘Let’s take the whole rationally ordered, rationally comprehensible cosmos as given then turn our guns on the ‘supernatural.’ #atheism…

‘Let’s assume ‘the natural’ is a neutral realm understood by all then try to build towards ‘the supernatural’ #christlesstheism…

‘In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God… The Word became flesh & we have seen His glory’ #Christianity

A minor key, made majorA major key made minor… Why is minor ‘sad’ and major ‘triumphant’? >>

<< MINOR is when the 2nd Member of the triad descends (cross). MAJOR is when the 2nd Member rises again (resurrection).

The Son of David has a great “largeness of heart” (1 Kings 4:29). There’s plenty of room for you. #EnjoyYourDay

We don’t derive God’s three-ness from the economy while deriving God’s one-ness from philosophy. Both are fully revealed in the gospel.

In other words: In ‘Jesus Christ, the Son of God’ we see the one God just as clearly as we see the three Persons.

Nice to see the Churchman’s lead article this quarter: “The OT is explicitly Christian” by Andy Savile.

We’ve seen the future: BBQs on the beach, country walks, heart-warming talks, feasting and face2face with Jesus, #Resurrection #EnjoyYourDay

“Materialism is an explanation for a world we don’t live in.” Grt article on the absurdity of ontological naturalism

Someone just told me of a play abt Jesus: “It’s not controversial, it’s v faithful.” At least 1 of those descriptors must be false.

The Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you. Rom8:11 #EnjoyYourDay

When “conservatives” picket a funeral it’s #Westboro. What shall we call it when “liberals” picket a funeral? #Leftboro?

MT “@RichardDawkins: You can choose to claim to hold a belief. But can you choose to believe?” <– At least he’s a *Reformed* Atheist

Trois, Deux, Un…

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Recent Tweets

follow-jesusGod doesn’t need your gifts (to love you). You don’t need your gifts (to prove yourself). Your neighbour needs your gifts, so serve.

God gives us Everything (His Son) and then gives us the Appreciation of Everything (His Spirit) 1Cor2:12. All for free. #EnjoyYourDay

‘Everything that can be shaken will be removed’ but ‘underneath are the everlasting arms.’ #Perspective

MT “@RichardDawkins: “Something from nothing” sounds absurd? You can’t do physics by common sense.” Same with theology Richard

Typing “let me Google that for you” into Let Me Google That For You is not as mind-bendingly awesome as I’d imagined http://bit.ly/vXtvlP 

As Word of God Jesus doesn’t just keep God’s promises, He *is* God’s promise to you, earthed forever into your humanity. #EnjoyYourDay

Your Mediator lays one hand on you, one hand on God and He’s never letting go. #Job9 #EnjoyYourDay

We’ll enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy our crown. Gladness&joy will overtake us & sorrow&sighing will flee away. Is51 #EnjoyYourDay

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.” Matt 5:11

God doesnt transfer righteousness into my flesh. He transfers me into Christ. I dont /possess/ righteousness, the Righteous One possesses me

For the Christian, yesterday’s forgiven, tomorrow’s forbidden, today is given. #EnjoyYourDay

Australia will be a while in the cricketing wilderness. But when they re-emerge, this girl will lead the way.

Preachers: Unbelievers are not ‘Hercules at the Crossroads’, they are ‘Lazarus in the Tomb.’

God > Devil ; Christ > Adam ; Spirit > Flesh ; Church > World ; Grace > Sin ; New Creation > Old Creation ; Glory > Suffering. #EnjoyYourDay

There’s one pair of feet we never mind washing. Our own. #telling

When our Maker came we deemed Him worthy of death. He died for us anyway praying, “Father, forgive” #EnjoyGoodFriday

Lose an hour, gain eternal life. #EasterTradeOff

Like a needle piercing the black shroud of death, Jesus pulls us, and all creation, thru the cross & out the empty tomb.

“Through God’s tender mercy, heaven’s Rising Sun has dawned on those living in the shadow of death.” (Luke 1:78-79)

In Isaiah, 4 times we are ‘the work of God’s hands’. Twice Isaiah /describes/ God’s hands: They are ‘held out to us’ & ‘cut’. #EnjoyYourDay

Think of Job’s suffering. Now think of ch42 where the LORD redeems it *all*. “He is full of compassion & mercy.” James5:11 #EnjoyYourDay

A bleeding heart with an iron resolve, a hopeless optimist with a death wish, a human doormat with a Messiah complex. #Jesus

He’s God’s Son, the Spirit’s Anointed and a Man for all men: Jesus, the Mediator, holds *everything* together. 1Tim2:5-6 #EnjoyYourDay

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were you worth it

Classic example of how “Jesus died for you” can come across as “law”! Preachers, especially, take note.

Weeping then joy, anger then favour, mourning then dancing, the pit then the heights Ps30 One morning soon will be The Morning #EnjoyYourDay

Gal2:20 Your “I” (active subject) has been crucified & no longer lives. Your “me” (passive object) is loved and laid hold of. #EnjoyYourDay

“Every man who knocks on the door of a brothel is looking for God.” GK Chesterton

#5LeviticalOfferings: Old life condemned, New offered to God, Guilt cleansed, Recompense made, Peace secured. #ChristHasDoneIt #EnjoyYourDay

“Jesus the Name high over all, in hell or earth or sky. Angels and men before it fall, and devils fear and fly.” #EnjoyYourDay

It’s not so much that preachers must take their hearers on a journey. Far more they must come to their hearers from an Origin

You cant reverse engineer your gospel from the existence of hell any more than you can reverse engineer your God from the existence of Satan

In Jesus, God’s attitude towards you is an almighty and eternal YES. 2 Cor 1:19 #EnjoyYourDay

When life feels beyond u remember it always is. “But this happened that we might not rely on self but God who raises the dead” #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is God’s gracious approach 2u *and* your faithful response 2 God. He’s God’s Yes & your Amen. 2Cor1:20 #EnjoyYourDay

“If God isn’t like Jesus, He ought to be.” Lord Byron

God the Son praying to God the Father is not a Denial of God’s oneness, it is the perfect Demonstration of God’s loving unity.

Feeling lonely and afflicted? The LORD Jesus guards u, rescues u, frees u, confides in u & forgives all your sins. #Psalm25 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not sin’s under-writer. He is sin’s under-taker. #Romans6

Emma Scrivener’s #4Thought Anorexia and her Christian faith http://www.4thought.tv/themes/does-god-really-care-what-we-eat/emma-scrivener … #Stone #Cold #Fox

He’s King on high, the Seed to come, ‘God with u’, yr Sanctuary, heaven’s gift, yr Counsellor, God, Father & Prince Isaiah6-9 #EnjoyYourDay

#BritishBible “The leaves of the tea are for the healing of the nations” Anyone wanna join in?

#BritishBible “How the Blighty is fallen”

#BritishBible “Mustn’t grumble” (Numbers 14:27)

#BritishBible “Scouting Thomas” pic.twitter.com/dk5fh9lP3B

#BritishBible “That’s the Spirit!” (1 John 4:2)

#BritishBible “The guests at the wedding turned their water into whine.”

#BritishBible “They shall mount up with wings as eagles… show offs!”

#BritishBible “Blessed are the dour in spirit”

#BritishBible “Their portion shall be the outer darkness, with tutting and huffing and the gritting of teeth.”

#BritishBible Acts 8:26: “And an angel of the Lord said unto Philip, ‘Pip, Pip, Tally Ho!'”

#BritishBible Acts 8:39 “Toodle Pip”

#BritishBible Last book of the OT: Malarkey

#BritishBible “The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. Rude sods.”

#BritishBible 1 Peter 1:8 “You are filled with an inexpressible joy. And we’d rather you keep it that way.”

#BritishBible Rev 8:1 “There was silence in heaven for about half an hour. And no-one knew where to look…”

#BritishBible “…Terry considered making a joke about running out of scrolls but his wife shot him a deadly glare.”

#BritishBible “There is now no condemnation, only a vague but gnawing sense of utter shame and worthlessness.”

Don’t try to ‘find your identity’, God only chooses ‘the things that are not’ (1 Cor 1:28).

He’s plunged down into our death & burst through into His life. His very being is an offer: to take our death & give His life. #EnjoyYourDay

Loving that the three people who find life in Luke 23 are criminals/murderers: Barabbas, Thief on cross, Centurion.

Preacher: If u decide *b4* prep that ur going 2preach linear points, u’ve decided in advance that ur not going 2get 2excited abt the Content

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Further Antwologies

follow-jesusThere’s nothing more central to God than the Lamb (Rev 7:17)

All hail the Lamb enthroned on high His praise shall b our battle cry He reigns victorious forever glorious His name is Jesus He is the Lord

“Why didnt u come earlier? Why didnt u heal?” Essentially Jesus answers: “I am not the Repairer. I am the Resurrection.” #DeathThenLife

Jesus doesn’t characterize judgement as “Up or Down”. It’s “Come or Depart”. #JesusDefinesJudgement #TheFutureIsHere

I’ve heard of Calvinist evangelists who don’t offer Christ but “offer the offer.” Doesn’t that cast the listener as a ‘free chooser’?

That salvation is too big for you, Jesus says ‘Let me take it’.
That worry is too big for you, the Father says ‘Let me take it’.
That job is too big for you, the Spirit says ‘Let me take it.’ #EnjoyYourDay

Romans 5: Death reigned over us. Now *we* reign *in* life. When the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Christ didn’t die so that God could love you. Christ died *because* God loved you. Romans 5:8

“Come and die” is not the price of salvation. It is salvation. It’s not just free. It’s freedom.

Your success at ‘sin management’ does not define you. Christ does. #Holy #WithoutBlemish #FreeFromAccusation #EnjoyYourDay

Dear Mormon Friends, a true experience of the Spirit does not lead to anxiety over salvation but deep assurance. Romans 8:15

“Faith Alone” is a synonym for “the blood of Christ alone”. Unless we’re clear on this, it will amount to mystical-works-righteousness.

Finally, I’ve found it… Biblical warrant for Bible Colleges: 1 Kings 18:13

Sins cleansed, darkness conquered, creation liberated, bodies raised, tears wiped away and Jesus. Face to face, Forever. #EnjoyYourDay

Are Luke4 & Acts2 expositional sermons? Yes they expose Christ as the meaning of the text. Are they verse by verse? Heck no!

U can make a fair theological case 4 ‘verse-by-verse’ but u can’t prove verse-by-verse from exposition of the apostles’ preaching #telling

God has ensured that the whole world qualifies for salvation. In Adam all possess the prerequisite. We are all sinners. Rom11:32

We think of our needs as weaknesses to be delivered from. Jesus thinks our biggest need is to be needy. Matt18:3

At the British Museum see Babylonians, Persians, Greeks&Romans. At yr local church join the Son of Man’s eternal kingdom #Dan7 #EnjoyYourDay

Techniques of proclamation will do little. A /theology/ of proclamation will transform evangelicalism.

Today’s the last day u can “kiss the Son” according to NIV.  From now on u must take yr chances w any old son of David

<< The *ridiculous* translation decision of the new NIV over Psalm 2:

Today Benedict XVI stops being infallible and the NIV stops using its 1984 translation.

Whatever needs forgiving is forgiven. Whatever needs fixing will be fixed. Whatever needs facing, Christ faces with us. #EnjoyYourDay

The NHS, a microcosm of an older England: queues, courtesy and the class system.

After the first Adam’s “death”, he named his woman in the garden. After the Second Adam’s death, he named his woman in the garden: “Mary!”

Why suffering? #DeepestAnswer: That we might share in the sufferings of the Son

Good news, you don’t need to “find your identity in Jesus”! Christ IS your life :) #Col3

It’s not just your sins – *you* have been transferred to Christ. Now you inhabit the realm of the Beloved Son. Col1:13f #EnjoyYourDay

When Jesus came to the Jordan He didn’t Judge the failures, He joined them: entering our filth to bring us 2 His Family #Matt3 #EnjoyYourDay

Are you a Christian? Jesus is yours and you are His. Song of Songs 6:3 #EnjoyYourDay

Russell Brand on addiction: treat it as *sickness*, ‘the gutter is within’, only other addicts can help #DeepWisdom

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follow-jesusJesus is King… and we’re His Bride #howthesentenceshouldend

Some evangelistic strategies seem to be about laying a trail of breadcrumbs. The apostles seem more simply to serve up the Bread.

You won’t find gold chasing rainbows. But there’s a Golden One who wears the rainbow – Ez1:28 – He’s come to find you #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus sailed thru a hurricane to get to Legion (Mark5). He was hurled into the Abyss to rescue u. Same predicament, same love. #EnjoyYourDay

“You know how we all love justice…” = a common way of justifying hell. Perhaps even more important is: “You know how we all hate grace…”

Christ is your clothing (baptism), food & drink (communion). And He’s given while you’re naked, famished and guilty as hell #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling suitably shriven today? God exalted Jesus to His right hand to *give* you repentance (Acts 5:31) #EnjoyYourDay

In the flesh we are but dust and ashes. By the Spirit-filled King we are crowned with beauty and the oil of gladness (Is61) #EnjoyYourDay

Today, remember you are loved at your very worst, by the very Best. Rom 5:8 #EnjoyYourDay

Life is not a race against the clock. Jesus is Resurrection. Time is not ‘running out’ – not ultimately. Jn11 #EnjoyYourDay

We think of the Christian life as a ‘changed life’. It’s not. It’s an ‘exchanged life,’ a ‘substituted life’ & Christ is our Substitute. Nee

“Christianity is not the sacrifice we make, but the sacrifice we trust.” PT Forsyth

We are SEATED with Christ, Eph1-3; WALK by Christ, Eph4-5 & STAND in Christ, Eph6. (Nee) We Never climb. #OnTopOfTheWorld #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is totally anti-heterosexual. Can you imagine Him telling His disciples “Let your sexual desire be unto the multitude of women”?

God works triumph thru deicide. The disasters of today do not catch Him off guard or knock Him off course. Crisis is His MO #EnjoyYourDay

In evangelism, proclaiming the character of Christ is not a useful technique that establishes His ‘authority’. It’s kinda the whole point

Present suffering is to future glory as birth-pains are to the joy of new life. Horrifically painful. Totally worth it. #EnjoyYourDay

Through His life, death & resurrection, Christ has taken the wheel of this world, turned on the sat nav & pressed “Home” #EnjoyYourDay

The Word of God spoke in a provincial accent. #grace

Feelings are temperamental fruit. Get in the soil of community, receive the seed of the word, look to the sunshine of Christ’s love. Wait.

“Everything goes on as it always has” says the scoffer. “Everything goes on according to the Word, Promise & Patience of God” says 2Peter3.

<< Doesn’t this mean that our mechanical (Enlightenment) view of the world is basically the scoffers’ view?

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follow-jesusGod worked a universe out of nothing, He reworked it out of sin, death and curse. I reckon He can do something with you. #EnjoyYourDay

<< But it’s worth remembering what you bring to the equation: nothing, sin, death, curse!

Are you a Christian? Luke 15 tells you your standing: weak and welcomed, wretched and robed, stinking and celebrated. #EnjoyYourDay

RU worried about UP? Jesus takes care of heaven. RU worried about LATER? Your Father takes care of tomorrow…

…RU worried about OUT? The Spirit makes our labours fruitful & multiply. UR called to HERE & NOW & THIS. Which is all we ever have anyway

<< by “OUT” I mean our worries about impacting *the world* (as opposed to concentrating on *this thing*).

Jesus is your salvation, your clothing, your food, yr shelter, yr reputation. Now those r taken care of, what do u want 2 do? #EnjoyYourDay

We’re not called to keep the status quo, we’re called to love. And love always rocks the boat

If u can finish these sentences, u can witness for Jesus: “That’s what I love about Jesus/ my church/ Life in a world made by love…”

…Throw in some “I just can’t handle /this/ about the world/ my life, can you?” and you’re away.

The hypocrites ‘bow their heads like a reed’ before the LORD (Is 58). But real faith is when the LORD lifts your head (Ps3)

<< The former make a show of humility, but are really proud. The latter walk with head held high, but are truly meek.

Receive each word ‘our Light & Momentary Troubles Are Achieving For Us an Eternal Weight of Glory that Far Outweighs them All’ #EnjoyYourDay

Fallen Abram mopes around the wilderness, Gen13:3. When he returns 2the altar Then he calls on the Name of the LORD. Dont sulk #run2thecross

The Spirit gave you gifts to make you serve, not to make you superior.

Horrifying article: So What If Abortion Ends Life: “the fetus is indeed a life. A life worth sacrificing”

Your connection with God is Not up to yr prayers or yr piety. It’s up to yr Priest. And He ever lives to intercede 4u #EnjoyYourDay

If you want to reboot your life, try holding your nose while depressing your belly-button for 5 seconds. Failing that, try Jesus.

A 60 y.o. who’s grown up in evangelical churches told me today = 1st time she’s understood how Jesus is the Lamb of God. Preach the basics!

He went for a fist-pump, I went for a handshake. You may say he was the cool one. I say paper beats rock.

It covers, cleanses & cries. It purchases, pacifies, purifies. It sanctifies, slakes, sets free. His blood availed 4 me #EnjoyYourDay

Idols are idle.

Their gods wait while they work. Our God works while we wait. Isaiah 64:4 #idolsareidle

No epistle talks numbers. Size of church = irrelevant 2 the Lord’s assessment in Rev 2-3. Why is it 1 of 1st things we mention about a church?

Underneath it’s not ‘blind, pitiless indifference’. Underneath are the everlasting arms. Deut 33:27 #EnjoyYourDay

#1Sam16: Bad news- u’ve not been chosen as King. Good news- yr Brother has & He shares His royalty & victory with you #1Sam17 #EnjoyYourDay

#1John1 Pretend righteousness, unconfessed sin, lonely independence = darkness. The Fellowship, Blood & Family of God = light #EnjoyYourDay

God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 1John5:11 #EnjoyYourDay

Tempted to groan under the weight of your “sacrifices”? Don’t think sacrifice, think sound investment (Mark 10:29-30) #EnjoyYourDay

For Allah, creation brings relatedness into existence. For the living God, relatedness brings creation into existence.

If u knew Jesus was praying 4u in the next room u’d have confidence 4 today. Distance makes no difference, He’s still praying #EnjoyYourDay

A member of Christ, 1 spirit w Him, purchased by His blood, a sharer in His resurrection, a temple of His Holy Spirit #1Cor6 #EnjoyYourDay

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Tweets on Catch-Up


Want me to feel my adoption? Tell me of my Father.

Want me to know ‘my identity in Christ’? Tell me of *Christ*

The world is not a factory with u pulling the levers. Consider the birds. It’s your Father’s house, ur His child. #Matthew6 #EnjoyYourDay

You don’t avoid legalism by avoiding the law. Push through the death of the law into the resurrection grace of the gospel.

Ironically legalism thrives when you don’t bring the full weight of the law to bear. Don’t merely wound with the law. Let it kill.

Most Trinitarian Gospel opening? Mark. Jesus intro’d as Christ, Son of God & within 11 verses: the LORD, the Father’s Son & Spirit’s Anointed

<< If Mark 1 doesn’t strike u as Trinitarian ur thinking of Trinity as a theological speciality not the most basic confession of Christ’s ID

I love the Issues Etc motto: “It’s not about you, it’s about Jesus For You.” If u miss the last 2 words it becomes about u again!

Some of the proudest people are those who boldly renounce all 4 Jesus. The humblest r those overwhelmed He’s given all 4 them

The Angel of the LORD (Christ!) encamps around you to deliver you (Ps 34:7). Nothing gets to u w/o going thru Him first #EnjoyYourDay

My Pentecostal friends may disagree but…

From Eph 1: U have continual blessings (in Christ) or no blessings (outside Him). U don’t have 2nd blessings. Unless u have a 2nd Christ?

Does “Britain’s oldest man” ever die? Surely he only switches.

Do u a deal: I’ll speak purely of God’s one-ness from now on if we can all agree we’re talking about the oneness of Jesus with His Father.

If you are hidden with Christ in God, He would have to undo His own being to reject you. Col 3:3; 2 Tim 2:13 #EnjoyYourDay

What kind of God is broken apart so the wicked can feast on Him? What kind of God is poured out so you can drink? Your God #EnjoyYourDay

#mistranslatedbooks Victor Hugo’s uplifting sequel: Less Miserable

#mistranslatedbooks The Story of a Conurbation by Charles Dickens

#mistranslatedbooks Harper Lee’s tale of a Romanian pop duo cut down in their prime: To Kill A Cheeky Girl

#mistranslatedbooks Celsius 232.7, 69060 Miles Under The Sea, Around the World in 11.43 Weeks.

#mistranslatedbooks Mike Horton’s seminal: ianity

#mistranslatedbooks Giovanni Arpino’s: “Lady Pong” & Kenneth Grahame’s “Fart in the Woods”

As Witness He sees yr suffering, as Advocate He sticks up 4u, as Intercessor He prays always, as Friend He sympathises. Job16 #EnjoyYourDay

#Ps146 The LORD reigns. How does He reign? He liberates, restores, lifts, loves & watches over. No other King like Jesus. #EnjoyYourDay

Mary chose the better portion: to BE served by Jesus through His word. Luke 10:42 #EnjoyYourDay

Ps 30:6. Maybe this morning means more weeping 4u. But one morning every tear will be wiped away. And today is another day closer.

It’s not the Lord’s ‘nasty side’ that judges, it’s His unadulterated goodness.

“Preach the gospel, die and be forgotten.” Some Dead Guy

They didn’t seek 1st the Kingdom, they fled the King. Yet the King pursued the disciples thru death 2 find them & say “Peace” #EnjoyYourDay

Gently Jesus lets Peter ‘begin to sink’. “Immediately” He responds to his cry. #Matthew14 #EnjoyYourDay

We are not saved by our lives but rather saved in our deaths. Robert Farrar Capon

Grace meets us in our sins, not after them. Capon

Jesus came 2 raise the dead not repair the repairable, correct the correctable, improve the improvable. Nothing is all He needs 4 anything. RFC

Biblical expectation of church life is constantly having to bear with each other in our grievances.

The woman by the well calls it a ‘shaft’ (phrear). Jesus speaks of a ‘spring’ (pege). Life from nothingness. A Fountain from the Pit.

Preachers: Don’t be smart, be smitten. (Capon-ish)

Adam => Christ… Law => Gospel. It’s God’s way to say No then Yes. Bear that in mind when you pray.

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follow-jesusThough He disgusted many, Jesus was never disgusted. He’s not ashamed to be your Brother and to bring you to His Father #EnjoyYourDay

#Acts15 Legalism festers at home till the light of the gospel shines abroad. Life-giving mission always exposes life-sapping theology.

Why Christmas? 1 answer: So “He can deal gently with the ignorant & wayward since He Himself is beset with weakness.” (Heb5:2) #EnjoyYourDay

If we took our idea of The Judge from the book of Judges what wd we conclude? He’s our brother rising up to destroy our enemies & bring rest

God justifies the wicked who, without works, simply trust Jesus. Rom 4:5. Wickedness does not disbar, it qualifies you #EnjoyYourDay

He’s the Bread of life, born to be consumed. Why else would you put Him in a feeding trough? #EnjoyYourDay

#MayanChristmasSong Apocalypso Carol

Christians are 8th day people. We always live beyond the old world, beyond the old time-frame.

#christmasremakes Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Baubles

@glenscrivener Tinsel, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, surely? #christmasremakes

@RedDragonStar No I considered and rejected that option on account of it not containing baubles. #christmasremakes

#christmasremakes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Donkey

#christmasremakes Rebel Without A Claus — I *hate* myself for this one.

#christmasremakes Being John Melchior

#christmasremakes Indiana Jones and the Temple of Gluvine

#christmasremakes When Harry Met Santa

#christmasremakes Close Encounters of the Mulled Wine

#christmasremakes Apocalypse Sprout

Today ‘love’ is abt finding “one person in particular who will spare us any need for people in general” @alaindebotton

Jesus was not a tourist. He took all we are & then all that belongs to us: sin & wrath included. He’s ours: flesh *and* blood #EnjoyYourDay

God in a manger / Defenceless, enfleshed / Immanuel crying / And fighting for breath

God in a manger / Wriggling and raw / Stranded on wood / Enthroned on the straw.

God at Golgotha / Pierced in His flesh / Immanuel crying / And fighting for breath

God at Golgotha / Forsaken and lost / Stranded on wood / Enthroned on the cross

There’s no higher view of humanity than the Word become flesh. Have a very carnal Christmas ;)

What’s more dangerous, the gun or the myth that a gun-owner is part of the *solution* to violence? @NRA

.@NRA At the 1st Christmas, Jesus showed up 2 a genocide unarmed. He’s the place where the violence ends & His people are to follow

“The Life has appeared. We have seen it & proclaim 2u the eternal life which was with the Father.” 1John1 #EnjoyYourDay #HappyChristmas

Nice little update of the nativity from today’s Guardian: here

In the battle between Light and darkness, the Light has arrived. No contest! #EnjoyYourDay

“I’ve seen the misery of my people, heard their cries & am concerned 4 their suffering so I’ve come down 2 rescue them” Ex3 #EnjoyYourDay

ET’s last word to Drew Barrymore was law: “Be Good!” No wonder she went off the rails. #ET

The sevenfold promise of the LORD to His enslaved people: “I will bring u out from under the yoke, I will free u, I will redeem u…

…I will take u as my own people & I will be yr God. I will bring u2 the promised land, I will give it 2u as a possession.” Ex6 #EnjoyYourDay

The bible doesn’t say “Fall” it says Death, Curse, Exile. “Fall” is in grave danger of dualism. “East of Eden” tells a different story.

Just gorgeous: What Are You Doing New Years Eve? by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-L…:

Turning over a new leaf? Ur 2000 years too late. A whole new world born from the virgin womb & virgin tomb: yours 4 free #EnjoyYourDay

So the answer to locating change in your one-off resolutions is to locate it in your ongoing resolutions? http://paultrippministries.org/new-years-resolutions … @PaulTripp

No need for you to make a beginning. Christ is “the Beginning” (Col 1:18). In Him all things are forever new. #EnjoyYourYear

No need to dwell on 2012. And nothing to prove in 2013. #EnjoyYourYear

It’s a New Year but @mike_reeves is banging the same old ‘Trinity’ drum http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/december/three-is-loveliest-number.html?paging=off …

It’s the one thing we must do now that we cannot do in eternity: Suffer bogus motivations towards mission

<< Witness to Christ is part and parcel of eternal life. Living it now is heavenly. It’s the shape of God, His Word, His Life, His people.

Rejoice Gok, Rejoice! For She has an hourglass figure and You have A Belt! #EveryGokWanShow

Because of resurrection, the worst thing is never the last thing.#EnjoyYourDay

Preachers tell me my no. 1 problem is self-rule but, gotta say, I experience it as slavery & self-sabotage, how bout u? LINK

‘This is the love of the cross… which does not find good but confers good upon the bad.’ Luther. The cross crucifies a theology of glory

Job 19: Not a Replacer, a Redeemer. Not in the clouds, on earth. Not as spirit, in my flesh: “I will see Him.” #EnjoyYourDay

Saved from slavery, enduring a wilderness time of trial, headed for the land of promise. @danhames nails it HERE

Here’s a tip guaranteed to add 30% to any metric of success… Get the figure from An Evangelist

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Tweets – the Saga Continues

WARNING: In this episode of “Tweets” I occasionally attempt Being Funny.

#halfheartedlovesongs  I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes. This love is a peripheral, strictly surface-level sensation

#halfheartedlovesongs  I just called to say this is my new number, update your contacts

#halfheartedlovesongs  If u fall I will catch u, I will be waiting, but I kinda feel u’ve been taking advantage, time after time

#halfheartedlovesongs  Mild thing, you make my heart sink

#halfheartedlovesongs  IIIIIII’d love to love you baby… it’s just…

#halfheartedlovesongs  I got flu babe

#halfheartedlovesongs  Shh hon, Deal Or No Deal’s on, And I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

#halfheartedlovesongs  Every little thing she does is tiresome

#halfheartedlovesongs  Am I only dreaming, or is this burning, in-di-gestion pain?

#halfheartedlovesongs  With or without you, With or without youuuuu, I could live, with or without you

#halfheartedlovesongs  Don’t want to close my eyes, Don’t want to fall asleep, But does this story have a point??

#halfheartedlovesong  I wanna hold your handbag

#halfheartedlovesongs  I can’t see me lovin nobody but you for all my life. #doublenegative#brilliantloophole

#halfheartedlovesongs  On the day that u were born the angels got together… Committee projects are always tricky

#halfheartedlovesongs  “Whoaaaahhh, this sex is quite dire.”

#halfheartedlovesongs  Your love is like a roller-coaster baby, baby – a big let down

Britain: where “Can’t complain” is itself a complaint.

Something tells me this “Street Compliments” project wouldn’t work so well in England… Very cool though.

“I desire mercy not sacrifice” is one way of putting it. “God doesn’t need your good works, your neighbour does” is another.

The shepherds in the fields & the Good Shepherd in the manger were the same: drawing near to the sheep no matter the cost #EnjoyYourDay

“The world was made so that Christ might be born….” David Fergusson

He has entered our flesh, our frailty, our failures. U don’t have to lift yourself an inch. He’s come all the way down. #EnjoyYourDay

Me: What would u say if Channing Tatum walked in & asked u to leave with him? Emma: I’m sorry I’m married. Me: In what sense r u sorry?

U don’t have 2 become anything ur not. Cos at Christmas He took hold of all that ur & brought it into everything that He is. #EnjoyYourDay

AC Grayling on the census findings that 25% have ‘no religion’: “1 in 4 people aren’t looking at the world through a pair of spectacles” lol

Through the cross (Ps 22:1-21), Jesus becomes your Priest (v22-31). First He bears yr sin, then He bears u b4 the Father #EnjoyYourDay

A good verse for the prayer meeting: “You don’t know what you’re asking.” (Matt 20:22). Very true. But Jesus wants to hear it anyway :)

I have no faith in faith. Unless it’s Christ’s faith.

Jesus saved a people out of Egypt – so say the earliest and best manuscripts for Jude 5.

Our leisure has become work. That’s why we have to “Catch Up” on our televisual obligations.

Is God ok with u? Look to the manger. There’s the Son laying hold of u forever: “And he shall be their peace” Micah 5:5 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus showed up among the slaughter of the innocents, unarmed and defenceless. He became the true Innocent slaughtered.

The Bible’s a cathedral, so many sermons are “visitors’ centres”.

Jesus enters the world defenceless, not using ‘holiness’ or ‘transcendence’ as protection. He’s yours if you’ll have Him #EnjoyYourDay

When it comes to the Bread of life, all we can aspire to be is a gourmand.

#Baptistchristmassongs Last Christmas I gave Him my heart

#BaptistChristmassongs “Christian children all should be, mild obedient good as He… but still not full members of the body.” ;-) #loveyall

Convictions about “grace” will soon dissipate unless anchored to convictions about *God*

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Further Tweets and such

FootprintsUPDATE: Apparently this cartoon’s doctored from the original here.
Sorry Kris Straub, I was an unwitting participant.  Here’s his original:

chainsawsuit footprints

You can’t undo the past but Jesus has covered it and is now transforming the mess. It really is onwards and upwards #EnjoyYourDay

Eph 1:18-23 – The power of His resurrection is in you, the purpose of His resurrection is for you #EnjoyYourDay

“I want in on Jesus” <– said to a mate in a Sheffield pub tonight. So they prayed there and then! #praiseJesus

“Whoops!” “Never thought of that!” “My hands are tied” “It’s beyond fixing”<- words u won’t hear from yr Father. #EnjoyYourDay

The gospel is not education for the religious, it’s salvation for sinners. If we believed that, how would we preach?

God’s love, which is completely yours in Jesus, is Forever, Fatherly and Forgiving: Psalm 103 #EnjoyYourDay

He didn’t rescue u *so* He could delight in u. He delighted in u & so rescued u. Ps 18. U’ve been loved at yr worst. #EnjoyYourDay

‘Who’d be a king when you can be a preacher!?’ Spurgeon-ish

#TestimonyOverheard Me to Chaplain “Come to Christ? But I’m Anglican!” Chaplain: “U’d make a much better Anglican if u knew Jesus as Lord!”

“Rejoice Always!” And Paul means it. Just remember in the same letter he wishes he was dead & craves fellowship *in* suffering. #AllTrue

Jesus hasn’t made safe passage for us back to heaven. He’s made treacherous passage for Himself down to earth. #Christmas #EnjoyYourDay

The pressure’s off: you don’t need to be right. In fact it’s pretty important that you’re wrong. Tell God and #enjoyyourday

Christ has married us, redeemed us from every evil and adordned us with all His goodness. #Luther #EnjoyYourDay

How does that Isaiah 9 song go? “And the government shall be upon my shoulders.” No, it’s all on the Prince of Peace. #EnjoyYourDay

When theologians of glory complain vs election they prove their need 4 it. They clearly dont *will* God 2b God & need 2b freed! Forde-ish

Since God draws near in the Christ-child, ask yourself What does a baby want from u? Except that u come near yrself? #EnjoyYourDay

Christ doesn’t simply end suffering, He enters it.

kingsenglish.info  is now rapture ready. If I’m beamed up between now & new years the heathen will have daily scheduled posts 2 think upon

Something tells me this “Street Compliments” project wouldn’t work so well in England…  Very cool though.

New word for you: #Sanctumcision. It’s when teaching on ‘sanctification’ becomes Galatian heresy. You’re welcome.

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“But we had hoped…” (Luke 24:13-35) What have you hoped in? It will be transformed and more than restored by the risen Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

A clever and sophisticated phrase to use in your evangelism: “I think you should become a Christian.” #TryIt

Christians are groaners but not grumblers. Romans 8:23-25

Not just net gainers. Even our grtst suffering redeemed 2 grter glory: More than conquerors thru Him who loved us! #EnjoyYourDay

Adam/Christ = Curse/Blessing = Old/New = Judgement/Salvation = Now/Not-Yet = Flesh/Spirit

Instructions for Evangelist: Open your Bible. Point to Jesus. Offer Him Freely. Repeat As Necessary.

He’s the Future & Fulness of the world. He’s the Future & Fulness of God. If you have Jesus you have Everything. #EnjoyYourDay

“To be a receiver, to believe that the gift is complete, is to be right with God.” Gerhard Forde >>

<< Therefore if we offer a “gift” that needs completing (by the sinner’s response) we turn gospel into law, evangel-ism into legal-ism

“Self-esteem – the current circumlocution for pride” Gerhard Forde

Moralists use the law as a defence against God.

“This far and no further” is both God’s command to the unruly and the Rule-y’s command to God.

God is pulling all things through the cross and out the empty tomb

Bt the Spirit of the Son you have a new spiritual heart-beat: Abba, Father… Abba, Father… Abba, Father… (Gal 4:6) #EnjoyYourDay

Being Trinitarian is about confessing Christ faithfully. He is the Spirit-filled Son. >>

<<If we’re failing to preach trinitarianly it’s not cos we need PhDs in systematics, it’s cos we’re simply not articulating Christ properly.

Christians are God’s possession. There Might be a hostile takeover. But only if they can outbid the blood of God- Acts 20:28

Sunday school, kids songs & evangelistic outlines lay the foundations. If they’re wrong, preachers have a LOT of work to do!

“I don’t know who God is anymore…” could be a very promising deconversion. It might just be the 1st step towards true faith

God is Joy – Ps 45:7; John 15:11; 1 Tim 1:11. #EnjoyYourDay

A love story without forgiveness is a tragedy not a comedy. Just seen #CrazyStupidLove

#CrazyStupidLove does catastrophe far better than eucatastrophe. All because no-one can really bring themselves to forgive.

“Our culture is so far back from the gospel we can’t just preach Christ”? No! For this very reason we must simply preach Christ.

Planning Christmas sermons? Why not revisit the most sublime theology of Christmas ever penned. Begin here.


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Encore des Tweets

He’s the Judge of the world, the Revelation of God and a gentle, lowly Rest-Giver: Matt 11:20-30. #EnjoyYourDay

Many bow to the Son of God: Moses, Joshua, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John. He receives it, then sets them all on their feet.

If you want to take on a theology, take on its Doctrine of God. Otherwise you’re tinkering at the edges.

No I won’t be taking part… Because if I started now it would take me about 6 months… Yeah and Mo-pril doesn’t have the same ring.

Original sin asserts that no-one stands apart from the human condition. We’re all a part of the problem.

“Born sick, commanded to be well” is how Hitchens understood original sin. In reality it’s “Born hungry, offered Bread.”

Your sorrows He carries, your infirmities He takes up, your sins He bears. (Is 53) Your weaknesses only draw Him closer #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelist’s Reality Check: Scripture’s most beautiful chapter on Christ and His cross begins with the line “Who has believed our message?”

First 4 beatitudes: empty beggars before the King. Last 4: royal ambassadors to the world. There’s a flow 2 the life of the kingdom

A deeply theological Soapbox by @RealDMitchell  We need a narrative to live in the moment. A happy ending is best too!

To characterise our sin as basically self-rule (eg ‘climbing on the throne of our lives’) is far too flattering a picture of human nature…

…Scripturally we are dominated subjects in Satan’s kingdom, whores besotted with terrible lovers, sheep following after bad shepherds…

…As Luther said we are beasts ridden either by the devil or God. Ironically it’s a kind of hubris to diagnose our problem as self-rule.

You know the tree of life in the garden of God? That’s not just for religious art. That’s for *you* to eat from (Rev 2:7) #EnjoyYourDay

Someone’s asked how 2 answer Qs on Adam’s historicity in evangelism. Goto 1 Cor 15 & say ‘If Jesus rose, Adam fell. Let’s see if Jesus rose’

Is no-one concerned our Archbishop is a JW?

<<Do I need to point out that this was a pun of the order of (but slightly superior to) previous Twitter jokes on the ‘Could Well by’ motif?

You see Justin Welby = JW. Initially I thought it was hilarious… (Again that’s a pun. A play on words, because it’s about INITIALS) *sigh*

Don’t preach to fortify the weary. Preach to raise the dead.

Reading Luke afresh. Jesus is fiercely, resolutely, relentlessly downwardly mobile. Just astonishing

Many call the cross ‘primitive scapegoating’. But it’s different when the one at the top is scapegoat. It’s ‘carrying the can’. #Entwistle

No greater love: An illustration of sacrifice (Thanks to John Percival’s remembrance day sermon this morning)

“You are my Beloved Child, I’m thrilled with you” – the Verdict we all want from the Father we all crave. And it’s ours in Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

Only *sinners* love (Luke 7:36-50). Therefore every sin is an opportunity to know yr indebtedness and the forgiveness of Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

“God wants relationship with u” doesnt say much. Everything has a relationship w God. Q is Which God & therefore: What kind of relationship?

“My child, get up” He will say. And u will rise 2 feasting joy, complete astonishment & face-to-face with Jesus (Luke 8:40-56) #EnjoyYourDay

Who qualifies 4 Christ’s Kingdom? The powerless, the wicked, the little children: Lk18:1-17. Don’t reach up, receive where u r #EnjoyYourDay

Here’s a tip for anyone who fears using ‘Christian’ phrases in evangelism (like Lamb of God or Trinity)… Explain them. #WorksATreat.

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