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I’ve been working on a song about firstfruits for a while. I love the fact that Easter Sunday was the day the future arrived. Jesus’ resurrection appearances give us snapshots of the world to come. What a future!

This version is different from my earlier effort. Mainly because now it’s a round. Yes I know. Another round. I think I might have a problem…

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[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/Firstfruits.mp3]

Firstfruits – taste of tomorrow
Firstfruits – hope when there’s sorrow
Jesus rose up from the dead
to show all His people the world that lies ahead

It was country walks and heart-warming talks
Mind-blowing preaches and breakfast on beaches
Feasting and family and peace and grace
and Jesus our battle-scarred Brother, face to face.

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John 21 Sermon

John 21




Twice in this passage Jesus is called “Lord”.  And what have the disciples experienced to make them call Him ‘Lord’?  Have you noticed? In this story He spends the whole time serving His friends.  What kind of LORD is Jesus?  He provides the catch, He provides bread and fish of His own, He provides the fire, He cooks the breakfast.

It harks back to one of the most astonishing things Jesus ever said.  Back in Luke 12 Jesus had said that when He, the Master, comes again…

…He will have His servants recline at the table and He will come and wait on them. (Luke 12:37)

When the Master comes: He will serve His servants. Isn’t that astonishing?  You’d never believe that was true, except that Jesus said it.  And then, Jesus did it.  Because here He is at the barbecue, apron on, tongs in hand.  He provided the catch, He provided the fire, now He’s cooking it up saying “Come and have breakfast!”

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I started writing this for an all-age talk, but I think it might not be simple enough for that. What do you think?

He climbed up the hill, the cross on His back.
He breathed His last breath and the sky turned black.
But death could not hold Him, He rose up in might
And showed us the Dawn that’s beyond the Night

It was Country walks and heart-warming talks,
Mind-blowing preaches and breakfast on beaches.
Hope reignited, friends reunited,
Feasting and family and grace
And Jesus our battle-scarred Brother,
Speaking His peace to us face to face.

The hill we must climb, it stretches ahead
The footsteps of Jesus, His people must tread.
As night closes in we ask “Is there a Dawn?”
The risen Lord Jesus says “Think Easter Morn”

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Here’s the good news:  You and I are sinking in quicksand.  Jesus appears to say “Don’t worry, I’m here to save you.” He promptly dives in and sinks like a stone before us. When Jesus dies it looks like hope itself dies: our Rescuer perishes!  It’s strange news, but this is the way Christ rescues – through perishing.

So the quicksand scenario continues… After Jesus sinks without trace we feel a tug on our legs.  Jesus drags us under with Him.  He binds us to Himself in His death.

At this point you think the good news is really bonkers.  And it is – it’s utterly right-side-up.  Jesus dies and put us to death in His death.  He takes us down into His judgement for us.  Then He bursts up out of the quicksand into new life – and He takes us with Him.  That’s the meaning of Easter Sunday.


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If you wanted to play it in church 5:22 might be a bit long but there’s a very natural break at 2:53.


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Perhaps one of these might be helpful to you:

An all age teaching on Gethsemane:

It’s a game of pass the parcel where the parcel is a poisoned cup. There’s a song to go with it:



Little Fish! (Jesus is bigger than death)



Seed Song (Jesus is the Seed who dies and rises to bring life)

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Passage Matthew 28:1-10

Powerpoint Slides

Sermon Audio

We had loads of “C and E” church-goers last week (Christmas and Easter).  Pretty close to the beginning of the talk I challenge them like this… (Do you think this sort of thing is valid / worthwhile??)

…Now imagine if Jesus had died and stayed dead in that tomb?  You know what would have happened, the women would have come, paid their respects to the memory of Jesus, they’d have gone home and gotten on with their lives without Him.

And if Jesus died and stayed dead, that would be an honourable thing to do!  They could come, pay their respects, remember the good times, remember His teaching and His love, then off home for some DIY on Easter Monday.  And perhaps they’d come back again next year, on the anniversary of His death and pay their respects again.

That would make total sense wouldn’t it… if Jesus had stayed dead.

But if He rose from the dead, then, once these women heard about it, they couldn’t dream of carrying on as normal, could they?  Once they hear that He’s alive, they can’t go back to their old lives.  Once the angel tells them, they need to meet this risen Jesus, don’t they?  Paying respects to a dead teacher has been forgotten, now they’ve just got to meet the risen Christ.

Now perhaps this morning, you’ve come to church, a bit like these women.  It is an honourable thing to do – to pay respects to the dead.  It’s understandable that you want to remember the teaching and the love of Jesus.  It’s admirable that you want to mark the anniversary of His death.

But what if He really did rise?  If He really did rise, it transforms everything.  It means Christianity is not about remembering a dead teacher.  Instead Christianity means knowing a Living Lord.

These women went home from the tomb determined to have a living encounter with the risen Lord Jesus.  Why don’t you make the same resolution this morning?  [I go on to explain about our Christianity Explored courses]…

Full sermon text below……………….


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