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The guys at Together for Adoption have just launched a new initiative called Live in the Story. Already there are some great resources on the website and that will build over time.

They asked me to voice the introductory video, I think, because reedy nasal whining is very now. So in this video I attempt the word “Mommy” and MLK’s “I have a dream” speech. Both were bold undertakings. I found “mommy” harder.

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Union with Christ is “everywhere in Paul’s letters but almost nowhere in our churches.” Rory Shiner wants to fix that and “One Forever” is a terrific tool for the job.

In 77 – count em – 77 pages of crystal clear, garden fresh prose Shiner takes us from creation to new creation, demonstrating the centrality of union with Christ.

The material began life as a series of talks to students (see here **) and that origin shows in its relaxed tone and lively humour. He manages to quote from (among others)  Athanasius, Gregory of Nazianzus, Karl Barth and John Owen while maintaining a light touch and a simplicity of delivery.

The chapters are as follows:

1. Glory be to God for dappled things: creation
2. Into the far country: incarnation
3. In Christ you are a new creation: salvation
4. Before the throne of God above: justification
5. In which we face some playground bullies: union and sin
6. United to the body of Christ: church
7. Union with Christ, resurrection and the end of the world

Time and again Shiner returns to an illustration I’ll be nicking forthwith – the airplane. See here:

At various points the plane illustration helps him explain salvation, assurance and justification in such helpful ways.

Think about salvation… when you’re in – what happens to the plane, happens to you.
Think about assurance… if you’re in the plane it doesn’t matter how full of confidence or doubts you are, you’re gonna get home.
Think about justification… we’re not interested in some legal fiction of imputed ‘air miles’ –  if you’re “in” you’ve actually arrived!

The book is rich and warm and my only criticism is it’s over far too quickly. Please can we have more of such books that grapple with the core of our faith in fresh and engaging ways!

10ofthose are doing a special deal on One Forever until Sunday night (thanks Jonathan!). Get it NOW for the special price of £4.49: CLICK HERE.


** I know what every cricket fan will say… yes he does bear a striking resemblance to Ricky Ponting. But try to get over that, ok? Let’s be grownups please.

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Heard Jim Cymbala at Crossing London yesterday.

I was very attracted to his humility and simplicity. In the morning he spoke powerfully from 1 Thessalonians on Church, the hope of the world. And how to grow it? 1. Preach the gospel. 2. Depend on the Spirit. 3. Love your people.


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Channing Nelson

Marcus (Channing) Nelson

Last week I heard Leon Sims’ pure nard on Church: where heaven meets earth.


This Sunday I went to St Andrew’s to hear the glory man Marcus (Channing) Nelson on Malachi 4.  An absolute corker on Christ’s return – DOWNLOAD HERE.

Woody Nichols

Steve (Woody) Nichols



Later that day, Steve (Woody) Nichols preached on Galatians 4: A choice of religions. DOWNLOAD HERE.

Highly recommended.

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Are you a minister?  Don’t mind being called Eccentric?  Can you cope with the company of Steve Levy?  And his brother Paul?  Would you like to hear from Paul Blackham, David Meredith and Pete Woodcock?  Could you find an hour’s worth of distraction while I do my zany-kids-TV-presenter-schtick?

Then do I have a conference for you!

Read Paul Levy’s take on it.  And contact Mount Pleasant for more details.

Come along – love to see you there.




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I received my copy in the post on Saturday and spent a very enjoyable half an hour pouring over Jason’s “graphic guide to the life of Jesus.”  The book takes you from the birth of Jesus through His encounters with the religious, the irreligious, sin, sickness, storms, Satan and death.  It finishes with an offer of Christ.

The best thing about the book is the towering, constant, kind presence of Jesus.  On every page He topples our oppressors and lifts up the bowed down.  There’s something about the boldness of a comic format that can uniquely portray the “heroic” to Jesus.  And when we turn to the cross – ah – glory!  Very moving indeed.

In the words of the publisher, here’s a book for “non-booky people of all ages… particularly teenagers and students. Faithful, fun and imaginative, it gives a fresh, innovative twist to the greatest story ever told. Great for giving away at evangelistic events or as a gift.”

Get it here!

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Paul Blackham’s Men’s Weekend Talks for City Evangelical Church, Leeds:
Beginning With Jesus

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4

Talk 5


Mike Reeves:
The Difference Jesus makes…

To your view of God

To your self esteem

To your prayer

To the hard times


Ben Myers
John’s Gospel.

Go here and download the row of files second from bottom

1. The Word Made Flesh (John 1)
2. The Coming of the Light (John 9)
3. The Triumph of Life (John 11)
4. The Doorway to Eternity (John 17)
5. The Way of Discipleship (John 21)


A recent LTS conference:
The importance of Adam in the Bible, the Church and the World:

Introduction:  Garry Williams

Session 1: David Green: Adam in the Old Testament

Session 2: Lane Tipton: Adam in the New Testament

Session 3: Lane Tipton: Adam and Christ in Systematic Theology

Session 4: Stephen Lloyd: Adam, Where art thou?’

Session 5: Garry Williams: Adam in the Covenant of Works

Session 6: Steve Jeffery: Original Sin: Unbiblical, Unjust and Unreasonable?

Session 7: Michael McClenahanPreaching Adam to Adam’s Race


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