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[Repost from 2011]

About 10 years ago I wound up in the office of a Christian counsellor.  I couldn’t believe I was about to confess to depression.  Me, a church worker!  Me, conservative evangelicalism’s next big thing!

The cause?  Several very stressful things were happening in my life, but the tipping point into depression was a frustration with the gospel that was being preached around me.  And I fell flat on my face in despondency.

My counsellor took me to Jeremiah 2:13

12 Be appalled at this, you heavens,
and shudder with great horror,’
declares the Lord.
13 ‘My people have committed two sins:
They have forsaken me,
the spring of living water,
and have dug their own cisterns,
broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

He said (very graciously) I’d been digging some kind of broken well which had dried up.  Now I was slumped at this false life-source with a mouth full of mud.  He asked what the broken well might be.  In an instant I knew: “I need everyone to read the bible the same way I do”.  Not for the glory of Jesus, but to be right!

I asked “What should I do?”  He said, “Give up on it and turn back to Jesus.”  As soon as he said “Give up on it” my whole flesh rose up and said “Never!”  This snarling idol revealed itself.  And it shocked me.

My theological paradigm had become my god.  And it was so subtle.  Because here’s the thing: I prided myself on the fact that my paradigm was uniquely Christ-centred.

But when I identified the pride issue a weight fell off my shoulders.  The issue was not the idiots out there, the issue was the arrogance in here.  I’d been thinking of my depression as a complicated issue of theological debate with no way through. In fact it was a simple (but very ugly) issue of plain old sin. And the gospel has a solution for sin.

Someone has wisely said that if you diagnose your problems as requiring anything less than the blood of Jesus for their solution, you haven’t diagnosed your real problem.  My hour with the counsellor cut through to the real problem.  But thankfully the real problem has a real solution. And it’s already mine. Or rather, He’s already mine. I left that office with a massive weight off my shoulders.

Not that I didn’t think the issues mattered any more.  They did matter.  They still matter.  But I looked at them through a different lens.

For one thing, I embraced the liberating truth that I was wrong too. Wrong about plenty. Wrong in a grotesque and sinful way. When you’re right all the time it’s a crushing burden. It’s actually a relief to be wrong – to be in need of forgiveness and correction. Suddenly I was free from the need to prove myself, because all I’d proved was that I was a self-righteous fool.

From there it was impossible to feel superior to those who disagreed theologically. I stopped trying to ‘put one over on them’ and started to genuinely rejoice in a gospel that can save such wrong people – like them and like me.  I then began to genuinely pity the folk with a Christ-less or Christ-lite theology. Not in smugness but with a sincere desire for their good.  I gave up on being the one who would crush them in theological debate and started to think more in terms of sowing seeds and trusting the results to God!

I get this wrong all the time and there’s still much of the arrogant young man to me.  But I also think God’s been teaching me some things about how to live and minister among other Christians with whom I disagree.  I’ll share a few thoughts in no particular order:

  • I love the saying (which I think goes back to Wesley?) that the way to handle opponents is “to out-live and out-love them, out-preach and out-pray them.”  That’s got to be the way forward. And I think it begins with repentance.  I repent of trusting in my Christ-centred paradigm.  I turn to Christ!
  • If I’m tempted to pride it’s good to turn to Elijah’s example in 1 Kings 19.  And to laugh at myself.  “I, only I am left!!” he says, exhausted by his own righteousness! “Ummm” says the LORD “I think you’ll find there’s thousands like you. Get some rest!”
  • I find it very tempting to try and be John the Baptist – a voice crying in the wilderness.  But that was a unique calling. I believe we’re called to get around others with the aroma of Christ.  And the aroma of ‘young hot-prot’ is not quite the same.
  • When relating to church leaders, get a vision for what’s already good about their preaching, leading and ministry.  It’s so tempting to look for what they do badly and to miss the hundred things they do well.  Anything and everything we can rejoice in, we should.  Loudly.
  • People can change.  Not through grand-standing argumentation.  But through a drip, drip, drip of the gospel.
  • I’m only beginning to learn this one:  Usually change happens when people taste the gospel dishes you serve up.  If you consistently serve up Christ-exalting stuff that releases hearts into gratitude and love, then people will ask you about the recipe.  Don’t start with the recipe: “Right, here are the ingredients you need – you’ve been doing it all wrong.  This is the order…”  Start by dishing out gospel goodness – then they’ll want the recipe.

Strong’s Goes Excel

strongsMatthias Müller has already given us the Koine Greek audio Bible. Now he’s produced another brilliant resource for those interested in biblical languages. It’s an Excel spread sheet of the entire Strong’s concordance.

What’s the point, you might ask, since so many free Bible programs include Strong’s?

The spreadsheet has the following possibilities. You can:

  • Sort the entire Greek and Hebrew vocab of the Bible by different criteria
  • See at a glance, which words come from which root
  • Find out what the Greek equivalent is for a Hebrew word and vice versa
  • Sort the vocab by frequency and so easily create your own vocabulary lists for language learning
  • See where a word is used the first time

In the future, Matthias hopes to add columns and fill them in – e.g. columns for every biblical book.  The whole project could take years but updates will come as Matthias works on it.  Keep the link and download it a few times a year to see what has been added. But if you would like to help, fill in the blanks or add functionality just email christisinn which is a gmail address.

Strong’s Concordance Download (Dropbox)

UPDATE 25/07/13 Frequency of Hebrew words up to Strong’s #H5000 completed alongside first occurrence.

Also completed “part of speech” columns for all words in both Greek and Hebrew.

Now you can also separate Aramaic words from Hebrew words with the first column.

UPDATE 05/08/13 Now the rest of the Strong’s concordance is updated on frequency and first occurance – both for Greek and Hebrew. Have fun creating vocab lists or doing some analysis of which NT author in the Bible introduces the most new vocabulary.

Make sure to use the filter options in the gloss column: click the little arrow in the cell of the header, then “text filters”, then “contains…” and enter any strong’s number you want to filter out. To get rid of the filter, click the arrow again and then “clear filter from “gloss””… enjoy

ischafp001p1Jesus of Nazareth, without money and arms, conquered more millions than Alexander, Caesar, Mohammed and Napoleon; without science and learning He shed more light on things human and divine than all the philosophers and scholars combined; without the eloquence of the school, He spoke words of life such as were never spoken before nor since and produced eff ects that lie beyond the reach of orator or poet; without writing a single line, He has set more pens in motion and furnished themes for more sermons, orations, discussions, works of art, learned volumes, and sweet songs of praise than the whole army of great men of ancient and modern times.

— Philip Schaff (1819-1893)


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In Jesus, your past cannot destroy you & your future cannot derail you. #EnjoyYouDay

Faith is Word-based. The Word is different to ‘evidence’. We stand over evidence, the Word is over us.

God’s love isn’t a warm fuzzy, it’s a blood sacrifice made 4u in all yr wickedness. So BE a sinner loved by Christ & #enjoyyourday

“O the Great God! O the Perfect Child! The Son in the Father & the Father in the Son… God the Word who became man for our sakes” Clement

CHS: “Affliction is the black chariot of Christ, in which he rideth to his children.”

Your Father warned you there’d be days like this. He also promised a Future Glory that far outweighs every ounce of suffering #EnjoyYouDay

Street preacher arrested yesterday under section 5 of public order act: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4ZjwYfGXzVo …. Video of whole incident to follow

An Israelite – a.k.a. a member of God’s people – is one who has fought with God and lost. Gen 32

Apparently the microbes shall inherit the earth http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-23135934 … I cannot fathom how I’d live if I believed in such a future

Anger is always righteous. It’s just that 9 times out of ten it’s self-righteous.

Anger erupts violently out of our deep commitments to self-justification. Just ask Cain, Saul, Jonah, the Elder Brother

Not long now. (Rev22:20) #EnjoyYourDay

“Who do you think you are?” is a Q we love 2 ask ourselves. But if some1 asks U the Q it’s usually cos ur completely out of place #revealing

As mentioned yday, street preacher @TonyMiano arrested in Wimbledon on Mon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2vu9CI5Ij4 … Police arrive 25:37, arrested 38:11

Every tear wiped away. Death, mourning, crying & pain abolished. All creation renewed. Jesus face to face. #ComingSoon #Rev21 #EnjoyYourDay

Someone just helped me figure out what #indirecting is. You know who you are

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Who should you #ff? Here’s who #selfie #mixingmyhashtags #theresacontext #movealong [PICTURE]

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#replacepunwithhashtag #

Christ is Pictured, Present and Promised in OT. Eg Gen 22: Pictured in Isaac, Present as the Angel, Promised as the Seed.

Today a woman told me “I must get your wife’s book for my granddaughter, she too struggles with dyslexia.” #runsinthefamily

In Christ you have peace, in the world you have trouble, but take heart: Christ has overcome the world. (Jn16:33) #EnjoyYourDay

Off to talk about the sufferings of Job at the Grand Hotel, Brighton. #incongruous

The LORD is compassionate&gracious, slow 2 anger, abounding in love… His love is from everlasting 2 everlasting. #Ps103 #EnjoyYourDay

In all yr suffering, know the LORD Jesus wooing u from the jaws of distress to a spacious place of freedom&feasting. Job36:16 #EnjoyYourDay

If Jesus’ cross was worth it ‘for the joy set before him’, how much more will our little crosses be worth it. #futuresbright #EnjoyYourDay

Behold He comes, riding on the clouds, shining like the sun, at the trumpet call. #MaybeToday #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelist, Tony (Taming the Tiger) Anthony’s fraudulent ministry: http://shipoffools.com/features/2013/shaming_the_tiger.html …

Seems there’s 2 sides to Dostoyevsky’s truth: Without God everything’s either permissible or wearyingly moralistic:


TEP-PodcastCover-1024x1024Our podcasts are now on Stitcher.

EPISODE 15: Doesn’t the Bible Support Slavery?

What comes to mind when we mention Slavery? The African slave trade? ‘Upstairs Downstairs’? Imperialism/Colonialism. There are many ways in which we face slavery today. Some might say the Bible supports it. Is that right?

I’m somewhat rambly at times, but there are some raw materials here to help you answer the slavery question for yourself.


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In the interests of balance… sometimes “fixing” aint miserable comfort:


Here’s a stark example of a very common life philosophy today: “Life’s too short to waste your time on people who aren’t like you.” I see this kind of thing – even if not the name snobbery – on countless Facebook walls and it’s scary, scary, scary. (Favourite moment at 6:00).


Gotta love Ashton Agar. Unfortunately he’ll never get another chance to break his own record. Cos he’ll never bat 11 again!


And, if you ask me, it’s nice that the kids have seen an alternative way to play this summer…


Church in the Wilderness2

Four years ago I preached 8 sermons on “The Church in the Wilderness”.

Among other things it was an attempt to orient our expectations for the Christian life. We are a redeemed people, saved from slavery, headed for glory but, now, enduring wilderness hardships.  In the meantime we are sustained, guided, lead and promised a wonderful future. Ultimately, though, our Christian lives are upheld not by our obedience and perseverance, but Christ’s.

Click on the title for text. The mp3 is underneath.

Church in the Wilderness 1 – INTRODUCTION – Deuteronomy 8


Church in the Wilderness 2 – SAVED BY THE BLOOD – Exodus 12


Church in the Wilderness 3 – BROUGHT OUT – Exodus 13-15


Church in the Wilderness 4 – SUSTAINED – Exodus 16-17


Church in the Wilderness 5 – GUIDED – Numbers 9


Church in the Wilderness 6 – LEAD – Numbers 27 & Psalm 95


Church in the Wilderness 7 – PROMISED – Numbers 13-14


Church in the Wilderness 8 – FULFILLED IN JESUS – Matthew 3:13-4:11
(NB: Original sermon not recorded. This mp3 is from a different sermon on same Scripture)

I’ve been thinking about Job a lot recently (see yesterday’s post). When I consider the miserable comforters, I’m often reminded of this…

The interviewers and those phoning in were undoubtedly well-meaning. But so were Job’s comforters (Job 2:11). They do want to fix him. But again, that was the motivation of the comforters too.  Yet, after endless rounds of “Do this and be healed”, comfort becomes torment.

Interestingly, Chris Sands was eventually cured because a brain surgeon was watching one of these interviews. He wondered whether a tumour pressing on a nerve was the problem. It was. And so Chris went under the knife for drastic surgery. That was the answer and it went so much deeper than all our home spun remedies.

The true answer to suffering is so much deeper than our little platitudes ever acknowledge. In our pastoral care, let’s have true compassion on people, admitting our own helplessness and pointing sufferers away from their paltry efforts to the true Doctor of our souls.

Odd Job Thoughts

Book by Book 1
For the last two days we’ve been filming Book by Book’s study in Job. Here’s me with Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham – what a privilege to be involved! I think the DVD and Paul’s insanely good study guide (best resource you’ll find on Job!) will be available later in the year.

In the past I’ve blogged my way through Job on the King’s English:

The LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away

Miserable Comforters

Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward

Escaped by the skin of my teeth

I know that my Redeemer liveth

Gird up thy loins

Repent in dust and ashes

Old and full of days

…And given this sermon on the whole book…

But it was great to look in more depth at the book. Some new thoughts I’ve had as we’ve studied this more together:

1) So much of Job is about knowing Christ – the Mediator.  His mediatorial work comes up at key points – Job 9:32-35; Job 16:19-21; Job 19:23-27; Job 33:23-28; Job 42:7-9.  Whenever Job is doing well, he has his eyes on Christ. Whenever he’s doing badly, he has his eyes back on himself.

2) The great problem with the miserable comforters is a total ignorance of Christ. Eliphaz, the prosperity teacher, thinks you can get your best life now without Christ and His future. Bildad, the works righteousness preacher, thinks you can become just by your own efforts. Zophar thinks you can be spiritual, without Christ, just by your own devotional commitments. From their christlessness flows their terrible theology – in their various ways they basically believe ‘you get what you deserve.’  And from their terrible theology flows their terrible pastoral care.

3) The comforters don’t intend to be tormentors. They come in chapter 2:11 to sympathise with Job. They spend a week sitting in silence with him – what commitment!  It’s just that having miserable theology means – necessarily – giving miserable comfort.  Application: If you don’t know the gospel, don’t you dare do pastoral care!

4) Elihu is a good guy. Once you grasp this, it really helps you a) to take his own wisdom more seriously, but even more importantly, b) to reappraise Job as someone who errs as well as speaks rightly (cf 32:1-4). Job errs (especially from chapter 30 onwards) in continually justifying his own uprightness to the friends, and even to God. Job is certainly a believer and he hasn’t brought his suffering on himself through any particular sins. However, he ends up insisting on his innocence almost as much as the comforters insinuate his guilt.  In his better moments he forgets about either innocence or guilt and looks to Christ. But when he doesn’t, he invites the critique of Elihu (and then the LORD).

5) Job’s insistence on his innocent suffering – while correct on one level – tips him, at times, in the direction of a miserable-comforter-style theology of glory. Towards the end, he begins pitting ‘knowing God’ against ‘experiencing suffering’. He becomes nostalgic for times of intimacy with God. But he loses sight of the intimacy he can have in suffering.  This is a key truth Elihu brings.

6) I’d never really noticed them before but Elihu’s words in Job 36 are some of my favourite in the book:

“But those who suffer the LORD delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction. He is wooing you from the jaws of distress to a spacious place free from restriction, to the comfort of your table laden with choice food.” (Job 36:15-16)


7) Job asks for answers throughout the book.  But he never gets them.  Instead he gets an experience of the LORD in suffering (Job 16:19-21; cf Job 38-41) and a promised hope after it (Job 19:23-27; cf Job 42).  It’s the same with us.  Who cares about answers?  We need the LORD Jesus Himself and the future He will bring.

8) When James looks back on Job, his take-home message is: “Job’s perseverance and… what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.” (James 5:11) Job’s ending is crucial.  It’s a happily ever after that pictures the good purposes Christ has for all our suffering.  When we read Job all the way through, our response should be: “Hallelujah, the Lord is so full of love and grace!”  If we’re not saying this, we haven’t understood the book (and we won’t cope with suffering as we should).

Book by Book 3



Here’s all nine parts of Ben Myers’ sermon series on the Apostles’ Creed.




Individual Sermons…

1. “I believe”

[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed1.mp3]


2. “In God the Father, Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth.”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed2.mp3]


3. “And in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son our Lord”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed3.mp3]


4. “Conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary…”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed4.mp3]


5. “Suffered under Pontius Pilate…”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed5.mp3]


6. “He descended to hell; the third day he rose again from the dead.”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed6.mp3]


7. “And he will come to judge the living and the dead.”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed7.mp3]


8. “I believe in the Holy Spirit…”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed8.mp3]


9. “The forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the dead…”
[audio http://www.christthetruth.org.uk/MyersCreed9.mp3]


PornScars4A while back The Big House asked Emma and I to come up with some resources for a conference called Porn Scars. It’s material to help foster discussion of porn among teens.  We came up with a fictional story, some discussion questions and a bible study in Colossians 3.  The Big House turned it into a very attractive pdf which you can download here.

It’s billed as an evening’s worth of material, but if you did everything it would take 2.5 hours easy.  Feel free to download the attractive pdf and use in your own context.

Below is the text:


Finally, Freddy’s parents got him a smartphone. And not just any smartphone – it was 4G, with dual core processor and unlimited internet. It was faster than his dad’s laptop. He wasn’t allowed it at school, but as soon as he was home he was surfing the net, messaging friends and playing games. As far as Freddy was concerned this was the best present ever.

One day he was watching the latest viral video on Youtube. It was pretty funny – something about sneezing pandas dancing to Korean pop songs. At the end there was a link to another video. It was a compilation of girls in bikinis falling over. Pretty funny too. Then there was another link. This one was basically just the bikini girls.

At this point, Freddy plugged in his headphones. He didn’t want anyone to hear. When the “bikini girls falling over” finished there was another link – this one from a porn site. He swallowed hard, locked the door and clicked again. It was nothing he hadn’t seen before on TV but there was an address on the video. He typed it in and instantly his screen flashed red. Freddy almost jumped out of his chair. It was a massive sign saying “Restricted Access. You must be over 18 to enter this site.”

In a fit of honesty Freddy clicked the box saying saying “No I am not 18”. Suddenly he was returned to Youtube. “Oh!” he said, surprised by how loud he said it. It felt like he’d come to the borders of a mysterious land but instead of exploring, he had turned back to boring normality. Nothing on Youtube seemed remotely interesting now. He took a deep breath and hit the back button. This time he clicked “Yes, I am 18+”. In an instant he had a dozen naked women in the palm of his hand. His heart was pounding so hard it felt like it might beat a hole through his chest. Continue Reading »

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How I relate to nagging

A repost from 2 years ago…


Click for source

Emma’s posted up 22 reasons she nags.  Stunningly, none of them is “Glen shirks responsibility like it’s cryptonite.” That  was gracious of her.

In the interests of restoring some kind of balance, I thought I’d post 7 thoughts on how I relate to nagging. I’ll be stark in the interests of spotlighting the darkness and hopefully chasing it away a bit…

So… here’s how I relate to nagging…

1. I create it

We really do need to think about scheduling our holidays, and booking the car in for a service and fixing the back gate, etc, etc.  But I naturally flee responsibility.  The needs build up.  Something needs saying.

2.  I invite it

On a very foolish level (one that I’ll later despise in myself), I’d like to be mothered.  “You’re so much better with that detail stuff” is code for “I’d like to be kept as a little boy.”

3. I provoke it

Given my fear of responsibility, I will affect an exaggerated air of ease.  I project an image of stoner-cool (occasionally backed by Scriptural “fear nots”) so that I can label every sense of urgency (legitimate or otherwise) as uncool and ungodly.  It will be seriously tempting for Emma to burst this bubble with a good sharp nag.

4. I fear it

It’s not just that I’m being asked to engage with the thorns and thistles.  It’s not just that I’d rather withdraw and serve myself.  It’s that, deep down, I fear I don’t have what it takes to forge ahead in this world.  When she says “Can you fix it?” I hear “Can you be a man?” She doesn’t realise it but, in the male imagination, her simple requests are loaded with the weight of a thousand gender insecurities.

5. I withdraw from it

I tune it out the way a teenager tunes out his mother (see 2).  Of course this only provokes more (see 3).

6.  I hate it.

It confirms my deep suspicion that I am a little boy.  Yes, I know I wanted to be a little boy earlier.  But that’s why it grates so much!

7. I silence it

Anger works best.  Sometimes it just takes an exasperated sigh or a withering look.  Anything that shifts the focus onto her and how she’s being unreasonable, uncool, ungodly.  Other women aren’t like this.  Have you read Proverbs recently?

Men have locked up women as hysterics for centuries.  It’s happened throughout history, but it also happens in marriage.  We’re good at despising women for their needs.  Then they’re doubly good at despising themselves for them.

So she’ll slink off and maybe determine to “button it” (which some might call “submission”).  Or she’ll just fume.  Or she’ll deaden her hopes for the marriage, deaden her hopes at being heard, deaden her hopes that her man could ever lead.  She might well do all of the above.  But it’s only further fuel for the nagging urges.

The way out of the nagging cycle?

Both Ephesians 5 (v18) and Colossians 3 (v1-4) preface their marriage discussions with being filled with the Spirit!  Having a spiritual buoyancy from Christ.  My identity, status, honour, beloved-ness is NOT being threatened by my spouse.  I’ve got it all.  Laugh!

Now husbands, LOVE your wives and don’t be harsh.

Wives, trust your husbands and receive that love – the heart and soul of submission.



If you’re being suitably Christ-centred in your evangelism – and I hope you are – one question bound to arise is this: What about the Old Testament?  If Christ is so important, how come he only showed up 2000 years ago?

As you might imagine, I have some thoughts on the matter…



[audio http://revivalmedia.org/medias/audio/TEP014.mp3]


My Christ in the OT blog series.


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Nothing’s intractable. Nothing’s a lost cause. Jesus said “My Father is at work to this day, and I too am working.” Jn5:17 #EnjoyYourDay

Perhaps the clamour for ‘equality’ is really a yearning for something much richer: ‘harmony’

Christ crucified is the supreme icon of the Trinity #LifePouredOut

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Ephesians 4 comes before Ephesians 5. Couples belong to the church by baptism before they belong to each other in marriage.

You are completely unnecessary but entirely loved. #EnjoyYourDay

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What was the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus. #theologyofsuffering

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We’re pretty terrible at the one thing we’re called to do in this age: WAIT. Ps27:14;130:6;Rom8:25; 1Co1:7;1Thes1:10;Heb9:28

When waiting we either dull (our hopes) or distract (ourselves). Eager expectation is something else

Our comfort in sorrow is either divine pity or self-pity. One is the essence of heaven, the other the character of hell.

Basking in the sun looks like a vain hope this summer. But Jesus promises something better: shining like it! (Matt 13:43) #EnjoyYourDay

The righteous cry out &the LORD hears; He delivers from all their troubles. The LORD’s close 2the brokenhearted &saves the crushed in spirit

God’s Glory is, foundationally, His display not His demand. #GodisGiver

Great documentary on Spurgeon (hour plus) – especially love the sermon excerpts they chose to use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iYWAaTQpqJs …

Yr suffering is achieving what yr safety never cd: maturity (Rom5) in fellowship w Father (Heb12), Son (Phil3) &Spirit (Rom8) #EnjoyYourDay

Interested in “high quality theology & the chance to study it”? With @mike_reeves ? Thought so: http://www.michaelreeves.co.uk/ 

“When the [OT] fathers wished 2 behold God they always turned their eyes 2 Christ. I mean not only that they beheld God in his eternal Word>

<but also they attended with their whole mind &the whole affection of their heart 2the promised manifestation of Christ” -Calvin on John1:18

OT saints “had and knew Christ as Mediator, through whom they were joined to God and were to share in His promises.” (Institutes II.10.2).

OT saints “knew God only by beholding Him in His Son… God’s never been manifested in any other way. His Son= His sole wisdom, light&truth>

< From this Fountain [Christ] Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, &others drank all that they had of heavenly teaching. (Institutes, IV.8.5)

“No worship has ever pleased God except that which looked 2 Christ..The hope of all the godly has ever reposed in Christ alone”(II.6.1..3)

If u know Jesus, u know the Creator, Sustainer & Reconciler of the cosmos. And He’s for u with every drop of His blood. Col1 #EnjoyYourDay

You should point to the whole man Jesus and say, ”That is God.” (Luther)

Note the link btw Phil1:10&11. We feel we lack discernment. More profoundly we lack love. Where love ‘abounds’ quandaries clarify

Baptism then Communion. One-off then On-going. You-into-Christ then Christ-into-you. Enter-covenant-union then Enjoy-covenant-union.

In all your affliction He shares (Isaiah 63:9). With all His affection He cares (John 15:9). #EnjoyYourDay

Jer33:15-21 If, this morning, the sun sinks back down into blackness then Christ’s love can fail you. Otherwise… #enjoyyourday

Just paid £6.20 to get into Wales. Might keep a receipt, in case I want a refund.

With the infinitesimal lengthening of days over time, this will be the longest the world has ever seen. #QuantumofSolstice

“Jesus didn’t come to change your life, He came to give you life.” Steve Levy

Every blessing that belongs to Christ is yours. Every curse that belongs to you is His. #EnjoyYourDay

We have no defence in life so He made no defence in death. Naked and ashamed we live, so naked and ashamed He died.

Vicarious redemption does not avoid of responsibility. It’s a summons to Christ- the one place where Man’s judgement is honestly faced

Does yr listlessness, lovelessness or laziness disqualify u? No “Blessed are the poor in spirit 4 the kingdom belongs 2 them.” #EnjoyYourDay

Preach to save the wicked and you’ll sanctify the saints. Preach to sanctify the saints and you’ll likely do neither.

No matter what u’ve been called in the past, u have a new name in Jesus: Hephzibah. It means “My delight is in her” (Is62:1-4) #EnjoyYourDay

“A tragedy is a story that begins in joy but ends in pain. A comedy is a story that begins in pain but ends in joy.” Dante >>

<< Which is why the gospel is a comedy and ‘The Life of Brian’ (while very funny) is a tragedy.

Parking attendant just gave me 2 hours free parking and barista just called me “Gorgeous”. Is everything sad going to come untrue?

Some emphasize Gethsemane’s ‘Abba’. Others: ‘thy will be done’. Proper emphasis is on Who is praying. 1st ‘Christ alone’. Then ‘us in Him’

<< Genuine both-ands come on the far side of radical either-ors

The Father bless u& keep u. May His Face (Jesus) shine upon u& be gracious 2u. May His Spirit turn His Face to u& give u peace #TrinitAaron

John11: Martha got truth, Mary got tears, Lazarus got triumph. Jesus knows how to meet your needs #EnjoyYourDay

God’s power + wisdom = a bleeding Sacrifice. Does that add up for you? Then you’re being saved. 1Cor1 #EnjoyYourDay

In our last episode, we asked Hasn’t the bible been changed?  Have our modern bibles preserved what the original authors wrote?

In this episode we talk about the internal consistency of the bible. How can the bible be God’s word when there are contradictions in it?


[audio http://revivalmedia.org/medias/audio/TEP013.mp3]


In the programme, we discuss these two infographics…

63,779 Biblical Consistencies

63,779 Biblical Consistencies

439 Biblical 'Contradictions'

439 Biblical ‘Contradictions’