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New Blog – Help Needed

New BlogThanks to Kev, I have a new blog design at christthetruth.net.

I’m going to jump over to the new site just as soon as I can figure out one problem, and for this maybe one of you can help me…

With wordpress.com blogs you embed youtube videos using the code (without the spaces):

[ youtube = url ]

With self-hosted blogs you just write the url. Is there any way I can automatically find and replace all [ youtube = url ] and replace with the video’s url.  Been searching online for a solution for hours. I’m pretty sure the answer will involve using my regex plugin, but don’t quite know the patterns to use.

Any help gratefully received in comments.


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Don’t-Be-a-Slave-to-Writer’s-BlockHello there. Sorry I haven’t been writing very much here recently. I’m trying to write “321” the evangelistic book right now. Please pray for that project if you remember. And perhaps you can help me with something….

At one point in the book I talk about the four fundamental realities you can choose between in the beginning – nothing, chaos, power or love (see here for the seed of the idea). Was wondering if you had any good quotes for each of the options.

If you believe in the beginning there was nothing – life is absurd, meaningless, hopeless.

If you believe in the beginning there was chaos – life is endless struggle and power plays.

If you believe in the beginning there was power – life is a slavery to almighty god or law or fate.

If you believe in the beginning there was love – life is about finding your place in God’s family of love.

Do you have any quotes from nihilists, ultra-Darwinians, determinists, theologians or others that would put flesh on those bones?


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Questions We’re Afraid To Ask

In the autumn a friend of mine is teaching a course on questions Christians are too afraid to ask.  Help him out.  What should he cover?

To get you started, here were the first four off the top of my head:

Hell. Really? Seriously? Eternal torment? For Granny? And I’ll spend forever happy about that?
Can heaven and hell really pivot on my intellectual assent to this system of truth?
Where’s the joy, freedom, life, hope and change?  Why are Christians (am I) so miserable?
Is this really the best news God could come up with?  Maybe it’s true, but it doesn’t sound good news to me.


Over to you…


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Surveying the Scene

Go on and fill out  this survey to improve Christian websites.  It only takes a minute.

And, just so you know, the answer to question 9 is: “Rants against Christ-less theism, legalism and burdensome theologies of glory.”

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We’re holding our Ask Eastbourne events next week.  Do you know of good videos (under 5 mins) on any of the following questions:

27th March: What are you really like?

Do you exist?
How do you fit with science?


28th March: What happens when we die?

Why should I believe?
What’s the meaning of life?


29th March: Why is the world full of suffering?

Can you make things better?
Where do I stand with you?


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I’ve got four sermons at the start of February answering the following questions:

How can a loving God not accept everyone?

Does God even exist?

If there is a God, why does he allow suffering?

Aren’t all religions basically the same?

What should my passages be?

What should I say?

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If you’re up for it, let’s assemble at St Paul’s Tube Station at 2pm.  (The Eastbourne crowd might be slightly late but we’ll be there soon after).

Ideas running through my head:

  • I’ve got loads of Romans to hand out under the banner of… “St Paul’s released a statement!  Free copy of St Paul’s official position paper.  Come and hear/read about St Paul’s comment on the current situation, etc, etc.”
  • I’m thinking of making Mike Milmine dress as Jesus with a massive “Not in my name” placard.  (Mainly to embarass Mike you understand).
  • I’m sick of Jesus being used as a political mascot.  I’m also sick of Him being spoken about (even, and especially by clergy) as some long dead teacher whose teaching should be honoured.
  • Jesus is not left or right but seated at the right hand – “from there He shall come to judge the living and the dead” and the capitalist and the communist and all points in between.
  • Jesus remains above us all as Judge (Law), but there’s good news – He has come down to us as a gift for the world – the bankers, the protestors and even the religious! (Gospel).
  • “Let me ask you a question… I’m going to read something from St Paul and as I read, ask yourself, “What side is Jesus on?”” – then read Philippians 2:5-11
  • “What would Jesus do?” is folk Christianity.  Historic Christianity is what did Jesus do?
  • Let me tell you about two of the 12 disciples.  One was called “Simon the Zealot”.  He was an anti-establishment protestor.  He’d have been on Rome’s list of potential terrorists.  A freedom fighter and a rebel.  The other was called “Matthew.”  He was a tax-collector, getting rich through unfair practices.  A fat cat.  A white collar criminal.  Both of them were loved by Jesus – both of them found a place in His kingdom and in His ministry.
  • When Jesus returns, let’s give communism a really good go.  Let’s try it for a thousand years.  Maybe we can be Bolshevik’s for 500 years and Menshevik’s for 500 years, but let’s give it a proper try.  Before then, our number one need is to be in on Christ’s kingdom…
  • The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.  All the regulation in the world can’t get at the heart.  The Law is like that.  but there’s one thing that can bring lasting change – the gospel of Jesus – that can change the heart.
  • St Paul’s statement on the use of wealth – read out 1 Timothy 5-6
Again, more ideas gratefully received.  And please do pray.


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