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“For you little child…”

This gets me every time.  From a French Reformed Baptismal Liturgy:

“For you, little child,
Jesus Christ has come, he has fought, he has suffered.
For you he entered the shadow of Gethsemane and the
horror of Calvary.
For you he uttered the cry, ‘It is finished!’
For you he rose from the dead
and ascended into heaven
and there he intercedes —
for you, little child, even though you do not know it.
But in this way the word of the Gospel becomes true.”
“We love him, because he first loved us.”

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1) How does Piper square his love of Jonathan Edwards with his own pre-mill and credo-baptist theology?  Is there anywhere where he talks about parting company with Edwards?

2) Does anyone see the irony of two young guns bumping fists behind Piper just as he lays into the dumb guys that surround Wilson?  Or was that irony intended by said young guns?



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Baptism strikes me as a good instance of how we all need to have a rich and deep theology.  To answer the question ‘Should I baptize my child?’ will require some pretty serious considerations of the nature of faith and salvation and church and covenant and OT/NT relations etc.  I hazard to suggest that those who say “You have your theology, I just have my bible” simply couldn’t come up with an argument for paedo or credo baptism without some kind of systematic considerations.

You might have guessed (being an Anglican and a covenant theologian) that I believe in baptizing infants in Christian households.  I digress into this issue here in a sermon on Genesis 17.  To put it briefly…

I believe that OT saints were to circumcize all in their households (on the 8th day) as an entrance into the covenant community.

They were meant to grow up from within that covenant community as full members.

But for that very reason they were urged to inwardly own this outward sign. In other words they ought to have also had a circumcized heart (Deut 10:16; 30:6; Jer 4:4).

Without this circumcized heart they forgo all the benefits of the outward sign. In fact, to go against their circumcision renders them not merely ‘as-good-as-uncircumcised’, it makes them covenant-breakers – a fearful position to be in.

In this sense I believe in baptizing infants in Christian households – baptism being a NT version of circumcision.

I do think Colossians 2:11-12 makes the link between circumcision and baptism though not directly but through Christ.

Baptism is the NT sign of belonging to the covenant people.  In this sense it is appropriate to baptise youngsters (just as they circumcised 8-day-olds), to proclaim the gospel promises over them, to treat them as full members of the church and to urge them as they grow up to own the meaning of their baptism inwardly (a baptism of the heart).  That kinda thing.

Anyway, there’s a guy in our congregation who wants to talk through who we should baptize.  Anyone got any suggestions for some good books we could look at?  (From any perspective)

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