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My wife has now transitioned from Blog Widow to Blog Wonder.  Emma’s website is called A New Name and I’m letting you all in on the ground floor!

There’ll be lots of discussion about the gospel and food, the body, gender, identity, that kind of thing.  When you read her story you’ll know why.

Through her own testimony and wisdom she has helped so many other women through struggles and I’m praying that this will be a way she can bless more.

She’s speaking at a big conference tomorrow on some of these issues (hence getting the website up in a hurry).   I’m sure she’d value your prayers about that too.

Go over and encourage her with a comment.


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Happy Friday

Here’s the book they’re from.  Here’s where I found them.

More below


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You will [repost]

The Ten Commandments are written in the indicative.  Did you know that?  There’s a perfectly straightforward imperative mood in Hebrew.  God could easily have  said “You must not murder”.  But God didn’t say that.  He said “You will not murder.”  You won’t.  You’re my special people.  I’ve saved you.  You won’t lie, you won’t murder, you won’t covet.  You won’t.  These things are not said in the (grammatical) mood of command.  They are said in the mood of promise!

Now of course they carry commanding force.  When a mother says to two screaming kids “There will be peace in this house”, by golly there had better be peace.   And when God says there will be peace, well there’s a huge commanding force to that.  But it’s first and foremost a promise.

And because it’s a promise, it becomes the most binding command.

“You will” is far stronger than “you must”.

“You must” implies that you may not.  “You must” puts you in the driving seat.  To be sure it stands above you with a threatening tone.  But even after “You must” is spoken the reality is that maybe you will and  maybe you won’t.  The choice remains yours.

“You will” takes the choice out of your hands.  “You will” does not even contemplate an alternative.  “You will” binds you to the promise.  It makes you a slave of grace.  It casts you as a humble recipient of the word with nothing to do but walk in the service that is perfect freedom.

So now Jesus says this in Matthew 5:48 – and again, He could have used the imperative.  Instead He spoke in the glorious future indicative:

You will be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.

What a command?  Well, yes, subsequently.  But first – what a promise!


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Boring alert – preacher talking boring preacher stuff, justifying self, boring, boring…

I preached Colossians 1:1-14 on Sunday night from some pretty full notes.  It was the first time I’d preached from notes and it was terrible.  I usually have full script or no script.  I think I thought I’d be more free with less written.  But instead I had enough info on the page to tie me down and at the same time I wasn’t let loose because I hadn’t thought hard enough about how to actually express it all.

Well the recording failed on Sunday night so I recorded my sermon repeat at Wednesday communion this morning.  No notes at all this morning.  Much better.

Colossians 1:1-14 (23 mins)


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Sermon audio (preached at a midweek communion service)

Do you want to be fruitful?  Do you want what comes out of you to be life and blessing?  Are you sick of poison and darkness coming out?  Paul tells us here how to bear fruit as believers and as churches.

Right from Genesis 1 we learn that people are meant to be fruitful trees.
Day 3 & 6 are parallel.  And just as seed-bearing plants bear fruit with seed according to their kind, so Adam and Eve are told to “be fruitful and multiply” according to their kind.

But sin cuts us off from true life.  Flesh gives birth to flesh (John 3:6)

What’s spread through human race has been counterfeit life:
life after Adam’s kind – it’s poisonous and it doesn’t last

I was taking a funeral last week and noticed all the cut flowers on the graves.  What a brilliant picture of our predicament! We’ve been cut off from our life source and we flourish for a little bit.  But soon we rot.

I said these words at the graveside:

“15 As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field; 16 the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.”  Ps 103:15

That’s us!

So how to be fruitful??  Colossians 1:6 and 10 – Paul tells us how Christians globally and individually can bear fruit.


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He is the Wonderful, the Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace… Get up from your beds of sloth; rise from your chambers of ease; go forth, go forth to pray, to labor, to suffer; go forth to live in purity, leaving Babylon behind; go forth to walk with him alone, leaving even your kinsfolk and acquaintance if they will not follow with you. Wherefore tarriest thou at home when the King is abroad? “Behold the Bridegroom cometh, come ye forth to meet him…”

Today let your eye rest upon him. Let your eye behold the head that today is crowned with glory, wearing many crowns. Behold ye, too, his hands which once were pierced, but are now grasping the scepter. Look to his girdle where swing the keys of heaven, and death, and hell. Look to his feet, once pierced with iron, but now set upon the dragon’s head. Behold his legs, like fine brass, as if they glowed in a furnace. Look at his heart, that bosom which heaves with love to you, and when you have surveyed him from head to foot exclaim, “Yea, he is the chief among ten thousand, and altogether lovely.”



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Blogging emergency, help needed

Have I ever mentioned how ramshackle the whole christthetruth enterprise is?  I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s basicallly held together with bluetac and prayer.  I edit my website in miscrosoft word, I produce my videos in powerpoint and tape my songs on a little dictation recorder.  And, yes, I know that it shows.

So anyway, my technical know-how is zero!  This is where you come in.

For a new little (ramshackle) adventure I have purchased a domain name and I’d like to get a website up and running in the next three days.

It needs to:

  • Be a website with a blog section.  i.e. Not exactly a blog, but a website with a prominent blog section.
  • Be attractive – especially to teenage girls (all will be explained!)
  • Have a fixed homepage
  • Be easy to navigate in order to find informative papers.

So, something like a homepage with a tab at the top for the blog and a sidebar down the side for papers – something like that.

I’ve looked at a lot of wordpress templates but, while they’d be fine as blogs it seems difficult to have more than a few pages displayed on them.

I’m willing to spend a little bit of money.

Any suggestions?



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